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Thursday, 10 May 2012


I need to offload,....I am living in this madhouse my landlords have been a pain to deal with...reached breaking point and at the stage where I have got help from my family, convinced the landlords that I am not a total psycho, I am not always drunk and don't need watching over 24 hours a day to ensure I don't kill myself...I don't wanna fucking die, right? Too bad they got that into their heads too late, I can't sleep in that place and would rather live in a shed or tent the way this has gone down.... Onto something more hopeful, despite the fact all this nonsense has been holding me back....hooked up with a new guy who is a bit more of a fiend and loon than I am, hoping in a nice way this was just not good having to explain to him over the phone why I can't have visitors here, he said wtf kind of place is this....his parents are rich but they don't help him any more so we are both broke....he texted and called me nonstop last night but has gone quiet on me today.....he does that sometimes. And his ego is bigger than mine.....but he is fun though and cares more than he wants to show or admit. He knows I have done sex work says it doesn't bother him if I still do....says he isn't possessive but he does comment or ask who it is if he calls and there is a male friend with me or whoever....I need some frigging paid work, selling cosmetics part time won't get me far. Having someone around me who is skint and likes to use can bring trouble as I know very well...but I have been on a buzz, he is bad but good if you follow... Maybe I may have found someone after my own heart I am just afraid of things fucking up...if cupid has a gun he would be stupid to use it...and don't aim wrong please as you did fuck up the last three times...maybe bad luck does just come in threes hell knows..... And I have had with god pushers....this semi rehab which I only went in cos I had nowhere else to go, was paying for a hotel with sex work money.....does not have professional therapists visit but allows this slimy douche over who pushes God, openly claims men are superior and tells me sex is sinful while he stares at me with his tongue open and his pants bulging..... I am skint but hope I can treat myself tomorrow......and have some fun with a kindred spirit!! xxx


  1. Cupid usually does come with a gun and he hooks us up with the worst case scenario just to see us bleed.

  2. He normally has done in my you know!