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Monday, 23 April 2012

On the UP!!

Things are looking brighter in my world, though I still struggle and fuck at times having the jerks out of my life helps....the last one was sicker than I thought, Brit equiv of American psycho! Well shot....and the fact I met him through work has made me seek an alternative income via the meantime I will try to stick to the decent ones! I am over him though he still haunts me.....but I am feeling positive despite making ends meet and still trying to have a good time at weekends....I am still recovering from Saturday as went dancing and was up all night. Controlling my vices is hard work but I am determined....and have made some new friends, I try my best to avoid the street scene. Had a scrap with a crackhead when I was innocently walking back from the shop bitch pickpocketed my phone but I got it back. It didn't ruin my night out....I was determined not to let it!! I had a good time and met some new friends who are not part of the street or sex work scene....and btw I have a new flirtation on fb lol xx Ps music vid coming up about American psycho....last tribute to my shit ex!! Heard some things about him that made my flesh crawl, regret ever partying with him but the past is the past xx


  1. Glad to hear you're still in good spirits despite the huge struggle. I'm right there with you! I'm slowly learning to accept my faults along with my "good" side. Reading about your determination helps me remain determined, so thank you! :)

  2. You welcome....I could see you were going through a similiar thing! You keep it up too! x