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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Blondie The Tide is High Coldcut Mix

Dawn Penn No, No No (GREAT QUALITY)

GoodFellas - The Shangri-las - Remember-Walkin' In The Sand

Bad Romance remix

Lady Gaga - Poker Face - Remix ( Jody Den Broeder Club Edit )

Far East Movement feat. Natalia Kills - 2 Is Better

Natalia Kills - Hot Mess lyrics

Natalia Kills vs Lady Gaga - Just Mirrors (DevilFeeL vs Glam As You Mix)

Bueno Clinic - Keep Me Alive (Club Mix)

Monday, 23 April 2012

I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace (Lyrics)

nicki minaj - starships.

Manic street preachers Patrick Bateman (la tristesse durera)

On the UP!!

Things are looking brighter in my world, though I still struggle and fuck at times having the jerks out of my life helps....the last one was sicker than I thought, Brit equiv of American psycho! Well shot....and the fact I met him through work has made me seek an alternative income via the meantime I will try to stick to the decent ones! I am over him though he still haunts me.....but I am feeling positive despite making ends meet and still trying to have a good time at weekends....I am still recovering from Saturday as went dancing and was up all night. Controlling my vices is hard work but I am determined....and have made some new friends, I try my best to avoid the street scene. Had a scrap with a crackhead when I was innocently walking back from the shop bitch pickpocketed my phone but I got it back. It didn't ruin my night out....I was determined not to let it!! I had a good time and met some new friends who are not part of the street or sex work scene....and btw I have a new flirtation on fb lol xx Ps music vid coming up about American psycho....last tribute to my shit ex!! Heard some things about him that made my flesh crawl, regret ever partying with him but the past is the past xx

The Fall - The Man Whose Head Expanded

The Fall - The Man Whose Head Expanded

Spooks - Karma Hotel

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Lady Gaga - LoveGame

Faithless - Insomnia

Lady GaGa - I Like It Rough

Lady Gaga- Starstruck (official music video)

Bruce Springsteen - Born To Run

Crazy Town - Butterfly

Clumsy-Fergie(Official Music Video)

House of Pain - Jump Around

cypress hill insane in the brain

Cypris Hill - I Wanna Get High

Nas-If I Ruled the World (Remix w/ Crazytown's Butterfly)

Ice Cube - It Was A Good Day (HD)

Cypress Hill - Lowrider

Plasma - Crazy (Neo Tokyo Remix)

Plan B FT Rolling Stones - Wild Horses Remix (Skins Tribute) (Video By A...

Nancy Sinatra - Sugar Town (RMX)

Ava Takes A Walk - Loose Lips Sink Ships (A.G.Trio Remix)

Monday, 9 April 2012

The Ronettes "Paradise" (feat. Veronica)

Angel of The Morning - The Pretenders

PRETENDERS - 2000 Miles

All I have to do is dream - The Everly Brothers

Week Ahead...

I hope all my followers have have a good holiday...mine been ok but could have been better....damn finances. I bloody spent so much on that hotel bill.....Easter weekend of all times. In a minute I will post a song in dedication of someone I have never met but have a crush sucks at times being single! xx Have a good week ..Got to be up at 8.30 I crashed out and need another vodka to get back to sleep x

Hole- Honey (Tribute to Kurt Cobain)

Hole - Be A Man

An Inside look at Natalia Kills

Natalia Kills - Hot Mess

Natalia Kills - Wonderland (FULL SONG)

To Catch Up

I have been couch surfing, up until paying for a b and b out of my own pocket last week I fucked up and intended to at least enjoy my Easter weekend but I fucking lost money, did it in and missed a party on Fri, went out on Saturday and got by on just under a gram and a few drinks when I could have done with more...why I get shitwrecked sometimes at home I don't know, I want to nip that in the bud it is a bad habit and one I can't afford....also had been hitting the bottle lately. The last time I saw Frosty the douche I was evicted from my room the same day......cos you were not allowed liquor there and I was found with two empty cans.....kicked me out on the street and I was stuck in a trailer during the cold spell with nothing....turkeying off benzos as having no booze or blow. He expected me to shag his mate for some crap blow while he shagged his new hooker in the other you know if you been following. I have a new room and I intend to sort my life out as I am sick of this shit......I want to concentrate on my writing, control my vices and save my using for weekends. Oh, and I am allowed to fucking drink where I am going unlike the last shared house, was rarely there cos my housemates did my skull in. The douche has not called and I have blocked him and his skank off facebook, maybe the ho calling the ho a skank sounds like hypocrisy but I don't pretend to love douches so I can get into their fucking house, nor put my tongue soooo far up their arses as she does his 'Aren't you wonderful blah blah blah'....I tell no man I love him unless I do. I am not a violent or vengeful person but I do not wish him or her well....I sussed her out on fb...when she met him she was a heroin addict and still has dvt...nothing against that we all have our vices ( I still dabble in opiates and my friend Mel is a beautiful dope fiend, just like I kept my looks when I had a smack habit, you don't have to let yourself go)...and the douche is a hypocrite...hates smack but uses cold water extraction for dihydrocodiene to come down off the blow never mind he bangs up steroids too...experienced some roid rage from him too...) but his new skank was an extreme fiend and her conversation was limited to heroin, prostitution, and men.....oh and the wonderful Frosty, who, in her words, still 'thought the world of me'. Sure. The jerk hated me all he wanted was to shag me.....all I used to do was jerk him off in return for blow (nothing to boast about) but to make me do more he had to make me fall for him......what a fucking jerk (0ff)!! as he could not get it up most of the time cos of the coke booze and steroids.....fuck you Frosty! You have already pawned your car so pimp your bitch out next as you tried with me and my last snowman succeeded in doing...good luck with you anorexic crack whore who looks 50 but has the body of a 15 year old and agrees to shave her body hairs and dress in your pervy schoolgirl I refused....I have got past the stage of pity for her as before she was the worst dope fiend in town and had no friends...but now she is on a meth script and has blow she has over 100....I have blocked her too....she licks his arse for blow...he hates being questioned his coke fuelled ego is blown up...she is as thick as two planks of as my friend...fuck you both skank and douche you deserve each other. Let him shag other women while he poses as your 'boyfriend'....but you are both using each other as you are both heartless using motherfuckers...get on with it and good luck! Glad bitch that through him you now have over 100 friends from your former four...goodbye sugar and not a moment too soon (too quote blondie). Fake female friends suck but men who fake relationships can rot in hell too...goodbye you nasty paper gangsta! My rant....they can both rot in hell!!! PS as summer is here I am eyeing up other matter how much coke he had I would not go back

Sunday, 8 April 2012

I know I have not been posting anything but music videos for a while but I have been struggling like hell with my practical day to day matters. Good news is I have not seen Frosty the fucking blow man for near two months and don't want to see the misogynist prick again...went so far as to block him from facebook.....rather raise my own funds than party with him or god help me fall for him...he can fuck himself and his nasty little skank of a goldigging fake bitch...may they rot in hell. But to all you real people happy easter from the dust bunny....I will catch up properly soon I have just been so unsettled...funny I wrote more when I did more coke..but then again I have been spending too much time on facebook of late the bloody thing....I will post tomorrow.....

Velvet Underground-All Tomorrow's Parties

Jefferson Airplane -White Rabbit-