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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Ronnie Spector - Here Today Gone Tomorrow (2006 version)

I partied tonight but had a rotten comedown....that motherfucker has changed his relationship status on facebook. He is now with that toothless crack whore and she said she is 'no longer with her ex'. Clever how they not named each other's names. I was fucking real and he prefers that ugly brainless witch what an insult and what a callous way I was dumped the most callous in my life. Frosty the Snowman indeed. The calculating bitch posed as my friend then stole my man? She is only there for the money and the drugs and if he don't know that he is one class a idiot. I sussed her...but he aint dumb... he is such a bastard maybe he prefers an unpaid skivvy who just jumps and boosts his already coke fuelled ego that is already the size of Spector's...the man is fucking up big time.

I wish I never loved him. I wish I never cared. God save me from my sin.....I was so close to topping myself tonight. He knows I do not have unprotected with any man yet he stuck it up me and I let him as I loved him? Shame on me. I thought we were to be. My heart is broken again and he knew about my ex. The jerk. Thanks for wrecking my comedown thanks for bleeding me and thanks for taking another piece of my heart hope you not given me something nasty. Fuck you!!!!!!!!

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