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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Me and the Crims....

No kidding, some of the fun lovin crims vids also the last two Beastie Boys vids were not so far away from my ex used to go with his mate not robbing banks but doing smash and grabs high on 'scoobie snacks'. He sold it well then before ending up living off me, he used to say I could have a 'scoobie snack' if I was a good girl. The violence in that relationship was not immediate. Just like the guy who dictated my music taste and tried to stop me playing guitar, I climbed out my window to escape from that creep who barred the entrances. His rages were terrifying and so are Mr -----'s. I pick them. But the guitar man (who only liked his own acoustic style, I like electric for myself, it is more me) was not an open cokehead but knew I had a weakness and would bait me about me while telling me I was not allowed to use it. I said fuck you and used it anyway, he knew his control was all their control slips. And he expressed the symptoms of being a secret user, too mean to let me have any. But these crims I talk of....they got gear so they can pull. Coke is attractive as is money. Why else do the fun loving crims rap about pulling women while bank robbing and getting high? And what of my other themes about dangerous men? I like to be a bit on the edge, I like an element of danger. And yes, I fall into a submissive role by nature, I can't help it if it is the way I am. What goes wrong is when men abuse it, and of late I have been getting the ones who do. But even the meanest most violent psycho crim who aint even good looking or charming can pull with scoobie snacks....I have seen it happen. A madman who did the smash and grabs with my ex could pull, he was ugly just a thug, stereotype of a crim who had been in and out of jail all his life. He even made a vid of himself running around in a hoodie showing guns, but lucky I forget what it was called as it is crap. No brains, but cocaine is a girls best friend. At least the guy from fun lovin crims is hot...... Two women tried kick my head in over my psycho drug dealing ex, the gip threatened me over Mr -----but then I was sending him texts saying she was a user who will bleed him. But it is true, I saw through the backstabbing bitch. Is why I don't hang out and party with hookers or women who shag men for drugs, they always want a cat fight over the bloody men and their drugs. Not worth the hassle, so I go out alone or with loons who have a slightly different brand of madness but who I can still have fun with. I met one other woman with intelligence who likes men for their coke and came to the same conclusions about others of 'our kind'. Wise choice. Same one I made. They all end up cat fighting, if they have not tried it on me they fall out with each other over men and drugs. Let them get on with it, I am a solo operator.

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  1. See my Billy in action, pulling in tricks, leading them on and bleeding them it seems like there is no end to guys willing to spend money on her.