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Monday, 2 January 2012

Hole - Pretty On The Inside (AMAZING VERSION)

Fucking bitch. Sad ass fucking hooker indeed.

Yes, we had fun the other night didn't we? U fucking broke ass cheap goldigger. Look at the state of you. Compliment me on having full set of teeth and looking younger than you? You know that you are fading and your career is nearly over, hence your desperation as your sad ass backstabbing ways, you has been. Why you do things that I wouldn't, not for love but for fucking gold. Hope all you get for new year is a fucking cold. If all you have to pull is beauty and all you want is gold this is the result. Whereas I have a fucking brain and am not just after gold, though I know we all have to make a living. But if that is the only talent you have...get wasted as there aint much to waste there. I have sussed you good and proper and you know it.

But I don't need violence or threats of to get what I want....I can rip you to shreds with my words and you know it. Try to shut me up by force you got it coming, bitch. So don't go there. You threatened to shove your stiletto up my c**t, I could tell you to feel mine up your backside. But that would be reducing myself to your level and I won't do that. I know for a fact you aint pretty on the inside or from the back, you are rotten and ugly in both ways and you know it.

And believe me your days are numbered, he will get sick of you. The signs are there already. Aint quite sussed it have you? You will be sent back to your p**p and have your backs packed. I hope it is freezing and pouring of rain when it happens, I am getting turned on now at the thought.

Fucking smk head. But that aint why I hate you, what I hate are your ways not what class fucking As you like. I regret having touched you for someone else's pleasure, cos it weren't for mine. But hope you enjoying some rot back strap (it is an American wristwatch for men, get the picture girls?) as I enjoyed mine the other night. Or is that too much for you?

You first dared to ask me to leave someone else's house. That I overlooked, but what I could not overlook was how you tried to diss me publicly the other night in the bar and tried to put me down. Bad move. I was tempted to physical violence but resisted it, so you were slaughtered by those texts which only exposed you for what you are. No wonder you hate me. Enjoy your time while your lousy career lasts cos it won't be for long. So you think you're ok now cos you have a meth script and your choice of drug has just happened to change to mine?

I can tell you now a coke habit can be more expensive then a smack habit or the lousy crack you used to like to shove in your pipe even. Can't get powder in £20 deals. That means you gonna work harder do even more tricks....but not very easy when you don't have the beauty to pull them any more. He is only playing with you, I know it and he knows it. Shame you haven't the brains to suss it yet...or maybe you are catching on as you admitted the other day you were keeping your 'options open' and even offered me that we do tricks together. Dream on, I won't help you in the last days of your career with my beauty and full set of teeth you complimented me on still having! All you have is your ugly......yuck.

Dream on bitch, the end is nigh. Why else you think I got a near apology from the man and he even is expressing signs of guilt and remorse to me? He knows it is a piss take and you are a piss take. But the piss is being taken out of you. You are just going along with it for your free drugs, aren't you? Prepared to act as skivvy accept shit he knows I won't accept, obey men's every command in your quest for gold. The rush is over, it is winter and cold outside. But I know who is going to have the summer after all.....and it won't be you.

Because I know you are one fucking fake and I can assure you that he does, as he is far from stupid. It takes no genius to suss you out. Posing as my friend. I got you when I criticised....... sad ass stripper Jentina to your face! I could see you switch then. But she at least has some looks and youth left to pull them, so your future looks worse than that of the Gipsy goldigger you admire so much.

You want war but is it worth it? He aint gonna fall for you. You won't get the gold and the end of the rainbow. Because I go there for something other than gold. I may have the disease of loving jerks but you only pretend to love jerks in order to get their cash and drugs. Do yourself a favour and go turn another trick. I know I am real at least, despite my weaknesses and struggles..Chicky shake indeed. Fucking fake more like. Yes, you have tried to take the piss out of the wrong person..

So bye bye sugar. Not a moment too soon indeed. Excuse me while I stop myself from puking as you are not worth using up winter calories for. Yuuuuck!!!

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