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Friday, 13 January 2012


Happy cos if all is well I am going to party tonight as it is the weekend and I have been good since Monday.......Enough of the vids for now and time for some writing. But meanwhile I am trying to put the pieces together. I'll tell you how I fell for Mr ------. I had not seen him since the break from my ex. A client was up for watching me with someone else, you know who was up for it. The old guy backed out when he saw him and threw us both out. We tried to get some more coke as I had just had a gram but we couldn't so just got pissed on vodka and had a laugh. That was the first time I shagged him (ps he could not keep it up), but I didn't kiss then as for me it is more intimate than sex. So he wooed me, and I thought I had underestimated the man. We would have deep intelligent conversations, I spent the last days of summer by his swimming pool then we would get coked up in the evenings. That came to an end (summerboy) but he loved the thrill of the chase, called me back until I was smitten. Then he got his way, I snuggled up and kissed him for the first time....we had done so much coke even the strongest sleepers would not work. We played around then I fell asleep in his arms, we woke up and had sex. Must give the man credit for being a good shag and top marks for his smooth talk.... We are not on speaking terms right now cos of that bitch he had round, but we have fallen out before. Give it time, but I won't grovel and be his lapdog any more. He was so kind and charming before I fell in love with him, then he started being a bastard. Treats women like dogs, told me the way to train dogs is to 'deprive them of love or food if they misbehave'. He with holds love or drugs if women fail to act as he wants and disobey. Were I to write all about him it would be hardcore porn, what I have said here is mild you have not heard the half of it. Well, if by any weird coincidence he calls tonight tough I am a busy girl. I am gonna have a good time without him. Ps I hate Jentina as she has no musical talent...and the bitch he has had over there happens to be a gipsy as well. Looks like an older version of her and is thick as well. Got nothing against gypsies per se it is just those pair of fakes and their behaviour. Lady S rocks but it was a tie re her and Gaga. I hate fakes and they are real, Jentina aint. I won't post her other crap here but it is on you tube. Check her yucky 'French kisses' song and vid but watch your eyes and block your ears if you Hope you all have a good weekend xx

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