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Sunday, 29 January 2012


Here are two examples of my crazy dreams of late....first was a nightmare. It related to a film I saw called 'inducement'.....dreams within dreams etc. The gypsy slut had hacked into my internet and was sending me into some virtual state....I started to feel I was seeing things back in time, on a map, then it went forward and I saw aa globe with planes flying everywhere and hearing a mish mash of languages. I got on a plane, partly being there and as a partial observer. Heard a voice (male) saying 'imagine a world that is an urban hell full of noise, skyscrapers, concrete'. The plane came onto a city with nothing but skyscrapers (was this post 9/11 or what?) but watching 'Towering Inferno' may have had something to do with it. Beneath this city was a lake of fire, and the plane was falling into it. The pilots lost control and I heard one of them say we were going to fall. I jolted awake before the fall into the fire. Mr ---- appeared at the beginning btw, saying that 'if I can't even keep a jerk like him how can I keep anyone, I must be worse than useless'. The following night I begged to have no more dreams involving skyscrapers, but no. Bad news was, I was in an enormous skyscraper. It had no elevators just winding stairs that were fun to climb and nagivate, and it was actually enjoyable. On each floor was either a bar or a restaurant serving different dishes, and there was music in this dream too. Andy Warhol and the factory crew were in it, so were actors. And this was vivid....better than the dream of the previous night I guess. Catch up later xx

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