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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

David Lynch - Speed Roadster

Song for my stalker, and thx to Sailor for sharing this. Hope the creep goes as he been threatening to track not me down but.....Him. Out of jealousy. What a douche.

Meanwhile more grief courtesy of the the nerve to tell me and him she not been on smack, we all know he loathes it banned me from mentioning it in his presence yet has someone there bang on it still. Nice one hon. Enough to cause despair of first degree.

Well I have told him. Awaiting feedback. If she wants war she got it. 'Got the tell me she not on it. But her expression is too.....'. Nuff said. But it's not what she is on but what she is. Bye bye indeed, her days are numbered. Not for doing smack but for lying about it, pretending she got meth script when she aint. And now wants coke as well....she can fuck off indeed.

And so can my asshole stalker with his applications to track people's numbers. I should not be scared as those who talk don't do....just wonder what the jerk wants. He can't force me not to see someone or to love him. He knows now I will never do latter and hence the nastiness. Pays for sex then has the nerve to slate me for selling it? The foul language he uses....'whore, slut, open your legs to strangers, all you love is candy dust blah blah blah....'. Why don't the man ask himself how he met me? If not for men like him who paid.....fucking nerve.

Let's hope this year is better than last. Nite all xxx

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