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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Blondie - Just Go Away....Fuck You Stalker!

That creep of a stalker....has crossed the line. I am no longer rising to his to his stupid bait and won't go round there even if he has money which has dried up. I never pretended a thing to the jerk. I told him that I did not want to shag him, he knew the score. I never fancied him and never pretended to. How much more blatant can you get to tell him that when doing any favours in return for coke money my mind and my heart were elsewhere? But that was ok as he said then that it 'turned him on' shagging someone else's girlfriend, he liked the fact I was thinking of another man. Then when no coke money he would lure me there with....grass! How desperate is the man? Now he is fucked, lost his job can't even afford a £20 crack whore and you know what? After the way he spoke to me like a piece of dirt, treated me one and made me feel like one I have no sympathy for the douchebag. Let him stay in his bedsit jerking off alone to porn. And st

His endless stalky texts, I never was interested and saw him as nothing but a client. He paid big money once but now he no longer has money must try to use bully tactics and pretended attempts at blackmail to get what he wants. He even harrassed me NYE while I was in a club asking where I was etc. His foul texts calling me names, saying he hates 'cocaine idiots' yet begs me to have sex with him? 'I do his head in won't stop talking I am a selfish coke whore etc etc a filthy slutbag'. Well you jerk if I am sooo bad why beg me to go see you? Fat chance now. Even if he had money. Even were he the last man on Earth. Bragging about the size of his prick, real men don't have to do that. So grow up and act your age jerk, stop behaving like a teenage boy. Think it is funny to threaten to use a fucking knife, trying to drive me mad? Oh, but you say you are my friend and it is 'for my own good' to save me from myself. I don't want to be saved. Right now I am ok, thanks. And even did I need help I would not want take this advice and O.U.T....out! Just go away. Apologising for your attempts to scare me then doing it again? Apologising for your texts then I wake today to find 7 more sleazy texts in my inbox implying you and your shit bud are gonna fuck me over? But you didn't say how cos you are full of shit. Paper tigers indeed, and trying to imitate paper gangstas even to try to impress? Well I aint rising to your bait again. I blanked your texts not gave you a response and I have had no more harassment. So go fuck yourself!!

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