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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Yoü And I

Sit back down where you belong in the corner of my bar with your high heels on......indeed.
Oh, and the first time was on the bloody couch. Think I been underestimated, and that is a mistake to make with me. He knows I aint dumb, is probably why I had no reply to that text. And I have one of the bastards documents that he should and probably does want. He's playing games as usual. Just don't push me too far.

I posted poker face on here for a reason, because I am starting to beat the player at his bloody card games. And the man is a bad loser. Used to getting what he wants, when he wants it, now. Well next time I will keep him fucking waiting. Oh, but he might book another hooker but he pays if he wants me bad enough. Gonna revert to my old tactics if he treats me like a whore I'll treat him as a trick again. Two can play games, aint much fun playing solitaire, and he'll get bored alone with his poker buddies and so will they and wanna book some hookers or golddiggers.

Jerk. You are being a fool here, got to be in control cos you got the cash. Carry on this way you will never find the love you are looking for. We were meant to be an item and I would do some work and chip in, I run your fucking errands shopping cooking cleaning while pissed coked up etc. You lied when you said I stayed in bed all day while you fucking worked, you were off your nut as well. The mess in the lounge and the bar that you and your buddies was not mine to clear up, and finding used rubber packets in a glass in the kitchen that I did fucking clean wasn't too cool. And your mate joked 'at least somebody has been practising safe sex'. Cos I know you can't keep a hard on with a rubber on so at least I was reassured you were only getting your cock sucked in that orgy.

Two weeks of washing up, the kitchen was a tip but I cleaned it, you were unhappy as I failed to scrub every dish after the washer was full. I AINT YOUR FUCKING SLAVE GIRL!

And then having a go because I had not cleaned mess in lounge or bar after wonder you fantasise about me wearing silly clothes. Sent shopping with a list had to get every item as 'not to make you mad'.

You stupid motherfucker. I am taking no more shit, I am nobody's clown. You have dissed me bigtime, and I will get you back for this. If you can be nothing but a bastard I can be a bitch from hell if that's what you want.

Wooing me with all your smooth talk, then when you got into my knickers you take that as a green light to be a motherfucker. You stupid man, carry on this way and you will never find the love you told me you crave. But insult me by implying I aint good enough, when you will never find anyone as caring loyal as me.

Been worried about you all told me you were fine just had a 'lot on'. Right. So comes the crunch. A 'lot on' meant you had other hookers round after we were meant to be an item, summerboy. I know now cos you pushed me over the edge. Tried to ruin my xmas eve didn't ya? Calling me to give me some hope after I texted you saying miss you hon, happy xmas. When you were on the phone you put me onto some hooker you had round to ask for the number where she could get.....opiates! When you know damn well I been off that shit, that I was only using as painkillers. The pain went as I was not getting beat any more. And this is a are damn lucky I am willing to see you again after tonights nasty stunt. You don't scare me cos I can play your game, you know I am not a dumb tart, in fact you claimed to respect my intelligence so treat it with some fucking respect from now on.

I don't care who else you see, despite the fact you horribly threw me out after we were meant to be an item and I was no longer a hooker as you had other work for me that came to nothing. I was promised all my dreams come true and you kicked me out in the rain with nothing. Go play with women's heads, and its easy to do it to hookers with nothing when you are Mr Rich, aint it. Cos of course you know we got no money just like getting shitfaced, while daddy is rich. Fuck this for a laugh. You lost me money the other week, just fed me with coke and booze and threw me out when you wanted some variety, shagging your secretary and then booking another hooker.

I HAVE NEVER IN ALL MY YEARS ON THIS PLANET MET SUCH A SELFISH ARROGANT MAN AS YOU! Nice xmas gift to know I have got another bastard, who was a real gentleman before he knew I had feelings for him. I don't want another paper gangsta, ok? Knowing my script etc, you did not like it when I said I know I've been played, first round to you, play on. Well, you are getting the queen of spades next time, not the queen of hearts again. As you've pulled a nasty card, you done an ace of spades on me. You know I am not thick so if you want to see me ever again no more bullshit stunts. And this is a promise, if you ever dare hit me I will be out of the door forever.

I can't attack you for pulling other hookers as you will be bound to turn that on me, asking what have I been doing while away. But I do it for money not out of love or desire. You have them round out of your twisted desire. I was in pieces earlier, I was gave a lift by this jerk who asked are you a brass? I said what the hell made him assume I was a hooker, he said he had seen me somewhere. I said I wondered where, as he looked familiar to me too. And said that tricks are in no position to insult or slate hookers, as no demand no supply, right? That shut him up, in front of his mates exposing the fact he pays for sex and made himself, not me, look a fool. They laughed at him. And then he still wanted me to go back with him after I got out the car, I had other things to do.

You don't like being associated with hookers either, at least not openly. Mr Big has his dirty little secrets but I will be nobody's dirty secret. I called the guy with the meth to ask him not to give any to any hookers tonight. Sorry whoever you were on the phone, me and him aint your fault sorry if you must suffer. I offered to bring some as to see nobody ill, and yes I wanted to see that prick too. But he knows what I can be like and knew I probably would be mean. And I felt angrier than I had ever done, the meth guy had never heard me so angry! But if you are staying there you gonna rattle and he ruined my night so he can have a lovely time with someone rattling in his bed. Guess he had taken my codeine as he likes to dabble a bit himself on the dark side when the light is fading, he kicked me out without those pills that I needed just to not puke up. Sorry if you have to puke, but sure he will bring you a bowl as he is being a gentleman with you right now, as he once was with me. He would not bring me a bowl now if I had food poisoning, sickness of whatever, he'd just say get the fuck into the bathroom and don't mess his carpet.

Bent over backwards for that man in several ways, including searching for hidden bags of coke in his bar, and getting under the bed to search for them, sorted through his mail, everything. A skivvy and a shagbag paid in coke and booze, then was even asked when would I chip in was promised work so I could chip in and was sent away with nothing. But I know you. You will call back, when your vengeance mood is over. You will get bored with the tarts who just go over for booze and drugs and have dull conversation, and you will miss my 'intelligent company' when it doesn't scare you to hell knowing you met your match. And then watch me pull the Queen of Spades.


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