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Thursday, 15 December 2011


It is pissing down of rain outside, need to get some money but at least I have a new pink Hello Kitty brolly that may attract attention.

Hate reducing myself to this...again. But while my head is in this state it is hard for me to sort myself out....and I am highly reluctant to grovel ever again to the State I am beginning to loathe more each day for anything. I get more sympathy from law enforcement than the so called 'caring agents' who are supposed to help people with housing problems but nobody gives a damn about junkies anyway. As it is all self inflicted, those idiots can't see that was I happy I would not feel this constant burning urge to get wrecked and get shagged to get wrecked and get shagged to get....god damn it to hell.

Still not heard from 'summerboy' and the rain does not help. I am not a happy girl. I was putting a brave face earlier til someone proved to me that most of my male friends are fake and are only there cos they all want to shag me. I indeed do feel like doll parts x

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