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Saturday, 3 December 2011

More More More

More later...on how a so called friend of mine let me down for the sake of £50 and a few crack pipes, also how my desire has been re awakened by the man in my last post....guess the coke must have stayed in my system a long time as I kept dreaming of.....getting fucked. I even sold myself cheap for the fun of getting a shag, the money was a benefit. Hell....I was starting to enjoy the job I had hated!

Get up to some filth last night, I let a friend dominate me for the fun of it while a woman watched. Two lines, one smoke and I was up for it, well up for it.

I have to go and get some cash as it is Saturday and I would like some semblance of a party, even without the man I long for.....unless I turn up with the gear?

More tomorrow xxx

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