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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Me, Me, Me!!

I just tried to make this post and it did not go through so here we go again....Last night I was broke after my shopping bender, a client let me down and I was worried bout walking in the cold damp rain. But a friend treated me....and I had a nice surprise when someone met me off the internet, paid me in money and in stuff so still managed to have my shopping and still get shitfaced......Luck so far has been on my side for survival, I just not been so lucky in love....

But I am thinking of me, I am just as capable as being as materialistic and as selfish as anyone I know. I got my shopping, still got some money and had my gear so been a lucky girl as far as my material wants go.

Meanwhile I have plans for the new year, I won't do sex for money much longer and will put all my time into fulfilling my long term goal of being a writer. I had some non fiction published, I have some erotic fiction that hope goes like hotfire, just need to set myself up. Also some plans of live blogging or webcam may come to fruition just need my damn laptop fixed is all.....with any luck its good this time of year, I will earn and I will get my needs as well as my wants. And I have my guitar playing is way out of practice as the bankrupt car salesman who took all I had even lost me my interest in my music in the end....but the real me is coming back live and kicking and no man, even if he is the American President, can stop me now.....far as 'summerboy' goes the ball is in his court, but I can't wait forever for it to be hit back into mine as I am busy too, so I can't wait too long lest I may find another. ....he aint the only man in the fucking world. He'll call back when he misses me eventually....if it aint too late.

Cos as from now it is all about me, fuck the rest. I have as much right to be selfish as anyone.

You will hear from me again before xmas, and thank you to all my readers for your support and following my blog, despite the long gap in my writing.

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