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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Me and Mr Big

I am furious with the motherfucker but want to go back for more, despite the fact he is playing games. I play with fire.....I should have recognised his smooth talk for what it was, when he got to shag me his attitude why do I still want him?

Meanwhile I have treated myself for Xmas, got my roots done, bought some new clothes, done my nails etc for myself as much as any man. If that bastard does not call I will just find another 'summerboy'...and I will still have my moonlights and my candydust etc. Fixed myself up now for a good xmas just need some cash to get wrecked....or a guy that will pay even if it is not him I am past caring. He will call when ready.

Oh, and he shags his secretary. Before throwing me out he ordered her upstairs while ordering me into the kitchen to clean his mess up....fuck that I am no man's fool, love or no love. Be hitting the town this weekend if I don't hear anything.....Prince Charming shows his dark side very quick. Oh well, at least I have no illusions about the man. But if he wants to play on so we can be alone with candy dust and get into bed let him, but I have my limits!

Btw I was slamming myself for my dark roots....before I saw Debbie Harry's on one of her vids looking how I did last week before I had my roots done and styled my hair, every artificial blonde lapses at times. Now my hair is all blonde and wavy, I got some cool clothes and I am out to rock! No more straight hair and dark least not for another month lol x

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