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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Lily Allen OR Amy Winehouse

How dare that talentless chav who only got her crap career started via her rich daddy's connections try to copy Amy and have the nerve to diss her? Bitch!

Indeed she is a fucking fake, sad ass stripper indeed! Who the fuck she thinks she is? Just like Jentina...first two singles catchy tunes but crap lyrics and all her other songs suck. Jentina's first single was catchy but the rest is crap. Maybe they should get together? And foul mouthed Lil stop dissing people with REAL talent who are not fakes like you?

The bitch admitted she was jealous of Amy cos Lily has troub with her insecure can you get? If she had talent what fucking dress size she has should not matter, copying Amy's behive, trying to imitate her voice....fucking fake indeed. Screw her and Jentina both.

Amy may be gone but she still lives on through her music....sad ass Lil is still on this planet and how big is her fan base? Who had the most talent and sold the most records? Nobody has to answer that question cos they know.

Fuck you Lily you fake bitch! I don't wish you a happy new year. No, I can't say no to drugs, I smoke etc but I don't need you or Jentina to teach me how to party. Amy had the attitude and the don't. RIP Amy we love you forever x

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