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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Holiday Greetings to All

I know my last posts have been a bit wacko...some people attract shit like a magnet and it seems I am one. If I truly want love and a happy life I should look elsewhere than to find men with enormous coke fuelled egos who think they can treat women like shit....but I don't seem to click with nice men. At times I am confused about what I want....

I have not been feeling well the last few days, partly because I overdid things and also because the last traces of opiates are out of system. I had no coke so used alcohol which made it worse so I spent yesterday puking. Feel pissed off that I missed a client who had money and fucking coke cos I was too ill to go anywhere, but maybe my body needed a rest, I just hope he calls back as it has been a long time.

Had that jerk texting yesterday sick messages, was too ill to see him too. Have to be careful with my big fat gob too, could get me in trouble with these jerks. I know I play with fire but I can't seem to stop at times. And if someone called me today I know I would go running back, despite the fact he has taken me for a ride..

I didn't have a bad time xmas day just was a shame I got ill at the end, and have so much shit on my mind. I hope you guys all had a good time. Let's hope we all have a happy and prosperous new year xx

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