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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year!!

A happy new year to all my readers, hope you all have fun tonight whatever you are doing. Not got any certain plans for yet but am going to get a bit of gear and go out anyway, fuck it. I texted that woman from the other night who said she might be up for going out, then maybe I can get to candyman lol.....depending on his feelings at this precise moment which we know are volatile. He was sharing anecdotes the other night with her about the amount of coke him and I had done together, then was sharing with me ones about her. They'd had some great gear, my first question was where is it? He likes to make us wait. After it finished we wanted some more but as we were not the ones with the money it was not up to us, and he needed some sleep anyway, as you know is why I had to leave. But I left my phone charger there by accident can't fork out on another and I've had hookers show up when I've been there who have accidently left things so if need be I go get it. I know all this is surreal. I have plans for the new year to reduce my consumption (demanding of myself to totally quit is too much, I've got by before by limiting it to weekends) and work on my writing and get back into playing music again, which has been neglected, repractise what I do know and learn some more, have some new lyrics but no chords as yet. Only have an acoustic guitar at pres which one string needs changing but no big project to buy and change one string! It has too much wire which makes it hard to tune and it goes out well easy. And I have some great ideas for some writing, enough material from my own life to publish anon, enough from this damn blog alone. Know now that candyman would be impossible to live with full time, likely I would not be able to play or write there, just be at his beck and call to get high with him when he wants and other times do his errands and chores, I'd have no 'me' time but he'd find time for himself.....with other women or his buddies if he can't bear his own company and I (or whichever woman gets in his bed) starts to grate on him. Least I have sussed that. Hope we all have a good 2012, and let's have a good party tonight wherever we be! I will with or without him! All the best xx


  1. Happy new year sugar! Hope you had a good one, I know I did. If only because i'm so glad to see the ass end of 2011 heh heh. :) You got any of your music online? Sxx

  2. Thank you hon, did as well as could manage. No music online as yet and need a bit more practice, be I am glad to see sad ass end of 2011 too, hope this one better for both of us xx