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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Frosty The Snowman - The Ronettes

A happy xmas to all my friends and followers. This song was produced by Phil Spector, with his wife Ronnie singing it.

Phil was a woman beater and a cokehead. I don't know if he wrote this song but I have a feeling who frosty is.....him?

Song bout a man with a cold heart cold eyes. Oh, but he makes people happy cos he has snow. Bet she had a good time....when he felt like it.

'Don't you cry, he'll be back again some day'. Indeed he will. But no more tears from me for Mr Frosty. Jerk had no decency to treat someone who actually gives a shit to a white xmas but gives it to another tart. Lovely.

I like his music but Phil Spector is one class a motherfucker. He is in jail for shooting a woman on his ranch. Any wonder I wish I had a gun myself at times? To quote PJ Harvey, I want to come to a different end than that. And god help me I will, any motherfucker who tries to fuck with me again has got it coming. Snow Queen is in vengeance mode I am angry as hell and it is not a pretty site.

Hope you all have a nice time, I have had a nice invite from a friend who has a wife I get on with and a lovely daughter. I will be ok without Frosty. All my love xx

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