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Monday, 12 December 2011

Come and Go...and The Kindness of Strangers

He threw me out again Thursday from his luxury pad after an argument to my shithole of a junkie hostel that the last motherfucker landed me in. I left with a tenner to my name which he knew I would not spend on a cab. I walked in the rain with a cider bottle and I was given a fur jacket by a total stranger....some good people in the world.

So I went back to my hovel which I am one step from being evicted from, but I still managed to get shitfaced. A guy asked me to get stuff for him, shared with me and I had to do nothing sexual.

Partied with someone last night who was an unusual character....but I might find a way out of this vicious cycle. I can write erotica or serious articles.....there is enough filth on this blog as it is and I have more to fill a whole book, had I more time you would be reading more....but I can be serious. In this game the guys come out on top....the domestic violence I had with that bastard who took all I had...I was the one who was punished. The state have tried to blackmail me, not him, into rehab. I served a jail term for the man who nearly killed me....he is walking free and making money while I am struggling on as ever. I hope one day he gets what's coming.

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  1. he will get it.. that's karma in chinese religion ~ XD