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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Me, Me, Me

Tried to catch up yesterday but the stupid internet cafe would not let me even save, let alone publish the bloody post I had ready. But....I bought myself some Xmas treats. I go a nice new Hello Kitty pink and black brolly lest I get caught in the rain (again) and I have a nice new handbag to match plus a sexy Courtney Love t shirt.

I am as capable of being selfish and materialistic as anybody else and this week I have been. I didn't spend the money on coke but a friend got me some later and I was fortunate to meet a client over internet who gave me some in the hotel so I managed to treat myself, still get shitfaced and not get caught in the rain. My post the other day was a bit depressing so I am glad I did not share it. Hope you guys have a good weekend, I wish you enjoy whatever you seek, be it hedonism or sobriety!

Ps 'Summerboy' aint called and I am getting past the point of caring, let him stew. It be his loss as I know I am no saint but nobody can find anyone more loyal or patient than me. Balls in his court......and I won't wait forever for it. I am busy and have my life to sort out, have plans on publishing my writing and can't afford to spend all my time waiting on men or chasing them, unless there is money involved which I may need to set my business up for the new year....a legal biz nothing dodgy no physical contact just writing my erotica and maybe some live blogging or webcam. But I will fulfil my ambition to be a writer at mind is set on that and my music will be back in practice too. The bankrupt car salesman who took all I had even lost me my interest in music. I will pick up that guitar and scream on, no motherfucker can stop me again x

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