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Friday, 29 July 2011

I Hate Facebook

I shouldn't have done...but I looked on his. More tears flow as I noticed he still keeps the pics of the women he describes as shallow sluts, trophy wives etc and deleted mine, and his new pic is posing in a new suit for his new sales job I guess.

There is also a pic of Stonehenge...when will I see the sunrise? When will my tears ever end? I think I may be heading for a breakdown....all the drugs do now are numbing my pain. I want to be the person I was two years ago but she is getting further away, and thinking about her makes me cry more. But then I haven't been able to cry for ages so maybe I need it.....

The more I see the more I just want to bury my head in my pillow and cry myself to sleep......why, God, why? Did the fact I liked a bit of sniff mean you had to bring that man to me only to break my heart in pieces, for no benefit but maybe for him to enjoy the ego buzz?

I can take no more. I normally talk about my problems, I have bottled them up for months. The pain I feel now is the result. He has money, he don't need me, the man who once said 'no matter what we always have each other'. I know it is a bore but never have I hurt like this, never have I broke my heart over someone before like this and I am in my late 30s not a teenager. Please God take my pain away without the endless need for drugs to do the job.

Please don't let me drive myself to an early grave mourning for someone who does not care shit for me.


  1. ya... i also hate facebook now.. by the way.. it has been a long time did not visits your blog.. hope you visits me back ~ =D

  2. So do I. I'm seriously considering to delete my damn profile.

    Good to see you're back blogging, btw >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  3. I will visit you back, Mr Lonely.

    I am considering deleting my profile too, that site has brought me more pain than gain, so to speak. Even when we were together he considered deleting me as a friend as I would comment on the plastic tarts he befriended, and I have seen other couples have rows about that stupid site as well......also I have heard that the police can look at it for evidence too.

    He thought I was stupid enough to link this blog to my profile on if! I may be scatty at times but not fucking retarded.

    That site has caused me other trouble besides to make me draw the conclusion it aint worth it...

  4. haha.. do what you feel good ~

  5. RE: But then I haven't been able to cry for ages so maybe I need it...

    There's a saying that tears cleanse the soul and hopefully all this crying you've been doing has done that for you.

    Sorry for your break up but maybe it happened so someone else who is much better for you and will treat you right can come along.