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Thursday, 28 July 2011


I wanted to write an obituary for Amy Winehouse....but it's hard to do something like that without it sounding corny. I tried to post a video the other day but it didn't work, so I just edited and reposted the 'Rehab' video to my earlier post.

Of course it was a waste of talent as she had so much more to give....but something that always touched me about her was her honesty in her lyrics, the way her music, image, everything, was honest and came from the heart. Being one who wears her heart on her sleeve herself I like to see that in a musician. She never pretended to be anything she wasn't, it was no gimmick. She lived through the songs she wrote.

I have been neglecting my music for a while now, I've made attempts to pick it up again, but there is something, some malaise that has been eating at my soul for a while now...and it isn't too much drug use, it is deeper, a pain that I haven't as yet been able to translate musically.

Not that I claim to have anywhere near her talent, though, but music is something I only picked up a few years back. Like the others I mentioned of the 27s..Jimi, Janis, Jim, Kurt....fame and sucess came to them young and early. Maybe it was too much for them.

But Amy's talent was not wasted, she touched people with her music, with being just herself and has left her mark. She will be missed, and we were looking forward to more releases, but in history she will not be forgotten, what she has left behind will always be with us.

Goodbye Amy, and may you rest in peace.


  1. I read and posted your comment. Thanks so much and for adding me to your blog roll.

    Ms. Winehoue was such an enormous talent. Hearing about her death hurt me
    more than it saddened me.

  2. It hurt me too, though I never knew her....I've been on a downer this week and don't know if that has added to it, as I was fond of Amy, although I write songs I have always found it hard to write love songs, happy or sad, without them sounding corny. And that voice of hers put so many to shame! I was wondering when her third album would come out, guess there may be some post humous releases but hardly the same as having her with us. I missed her show in the town where I lived 3 years or so ago...had I known it would have been my last chance......

    Good post you wrote on Amy. It was partly reading yours that made me feel like adding more, so thank you too xx