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Monday, 28 February 2011


Anyone played the Sims, any of the versions? It's one of my current escapes from my current shitty reality. At times those silicone people seem to be more content and have more exciting lives than I do right now. I hope it gets better soon....I hate being alone. Maybe that's why I'm more of an upper person really than a downer person, I only want to go down when I am bored, lonely, and just want to knock myself out to pass the time away.


  1. YES! I've played the original Sims and Sims 3 and wasted many days doing it, lol. It's true that you kind of live your life through the game. It's funny to see on screen the results of making decisions for your Sims, but knowing that in reality it's never that simple. Sometimes I play while I'm stoned, lol

  2. Happy Saturday: ) Make your life into the sims sweeti.. Still making music? I think Ive got the right girl.. send me some if so.. we can trade. Jane Says started playing when I got on this page and it was just what I needed. Bam.