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Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Animal

I am crying and I can't stop....I want to talk about an animal who belongs behind bars, a sociopath pumped up on steroids who portrays me as a liar, or a woman who deserves beating close to death for the simple reason I have been a sex worker and am a drug user. It was not my partners fault he was using according to this beast, but mine, despite the fact he had a 5 gram a day habit before he even met me.

My boyfriend was bailed out of town where he had nobody apart from a man of a similiar ilk who did not want him there and gave him a beating. Although contacting me was against his bail conditions, he did so because he had nobody else to turn to. I wrote a long letter to his lawyer to get him out of there, and gave him money besides, as he had nothing, despite my own poverty. I had made a statement which I promised to retract, but had not done so as yet as I was focusing on getting well, and getting better I was.

Now thanks to my partner's stupidity and the influence of this animal....I am back several steps. I was given a present by him last week, we had a nice day together...until yesterday. Friday I was ill in bed with gastric flu all day, and the last thing I was up for doing was going round the cop shop explaining why I wanted to retract a statement I made at a time of trauma, especially when I was still weak from the virus. But this did not stop him from switching on me. He asked had I retracted it, I said of course not yet, I was ill. I heard another male voice, who then took the phone off him and started speaking to me in a stupid voice. I asked what the fuck was going on, he texted back that this man, oops, this animal, spoke to me like a child because I 'act like one'. Sure. It is me who nearly beats men to death, lashes out at them when I don't get my own way. However much I may still love my partner, he is not a mature man emotionally by any stretch. And the animal who he chooses to hang with now, who did fuck all for him when he was out of town with nobody (all that was left to Mrs Muggins here) does not even know me yet thinks he can judge me. And the joke of it is, the prick is pumped up on steroids and has aspergers syndrome, one lethal combo.

I was subject to death threats yet again, being told by the man who loved me 5 days ago that if he goes to jail he will be dreaming of my death every night at the hands of his thugs.....the man who did not have a friend in the world on Monday. I should take such threats as they are, mere talk, but it is still not nice to hear and it was not the first time. But he knew I wished to retract the statement, I just told him the previous day I wanted to meet and talk with him first about it, as what I don't want is to be slandered in court as a liar. He was ok with that....then. Before that....animal turned up on the scene. Who thinks it is not only acceptable to beat women but also to terrorise them while they are recovering from an illness.

I am retracting it, but not out of fear, just because I am not vengeful and do not want Jason in jail. But the scumbag he had present....I hope one day one of his antics lands him in jail for a long time, because he is an unpleasant, aggressive, vile bully. And perhaps somebody should ask himself where that animal was when he was stuck out of town with nobody to turn to but me.

I was close to a breakdown, everyone else could see it but the person who was supposed to be closest to me. Or I was blamed for being depressed, when I had put a brave face on it for months. While I was streetwalking supporting both of us while we lived in a hovel, ending with no hot running water. Supporting both our drug habits. I listened to his complaints, told him it would all be alright, while denying my own feelings, sacrificing myself. In return I received abuse that was patched up by the odd bit of love.

Things cannot be like that ever again, I cannot get another place only for him to keep trashing it again. He has to change and show me he has, or it will have to be over. And perhaps he should develop a nicer circle of friends and stop mixing with intellectual and emotional retards on steroids.

Oh, and btw all his other plastic friends, his boys as well, don't want to know. Jimmy etc have all long been off the scene, the men I wrote of in my earlier posts. And so is 'Manfa', the girl addressed in the earlier post. They can all rot in hell far as I am concerned. Not that I have a vendetta, I just don't care. I only care about the monster from last night cos it is so recent.

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