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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Small Mercies

A woman once consented to let her man order her to strip naked and stand in the middle of the room among his poker buddies....they fondled her and threw sexual insults at her. As she had been ordered not to move she stood still crying....he then 'felt' her pain and gave her something to take it away.

Thank heaven for small mercies....he felt her pain. I have been with a man who now is incapable of feeling anyone else's pain but his own. This story was taken from a manual on how to pimp women by a guy called Mickey Royal.

At the time I read that I did not understand why she consented to such a thing. Sadly....I do now.

Catch up later. Meanwhile, no sign of him for better or worse.


  1. interesting read..what exactly did he give her, pain relief for the insults (emotional hurt) or for the fondling, physical?

  2. A new visitor here (from Steppenwolf's blog), and after reading quite a few go girl! Glad you don't feel ashamed about what you do, as you shouldn't. What I see as a strong woman, one whom survives!

  3. Thanks for kind comments Evilnstuff....I know I am stronger than people initially thing....I believed for a time I would not weather this storm...but I am still going....those men have not suceeded in destroying me, despite the remaining hurt from the one I loved...who I let myself become nothing but an object to..and whose mental emotional abuse ended up becoming physical.......the man who took all I had, left me struggling to maintain my self respect and so deluded he still believes he was the 'best thing that ever happened to me', and I have shown 'ingratitude' as he was doing me a favour going out with me.....he didn't know I knew what domestic violence was and knew the signs....which made him angrier. He can no longer reason as he knew he is wrong so could only resort to bullying.....violence or threats etc or 'shut the fuck up' etc. He knew his control was slipping as his threats of leaving the relationship were they failed with my ex in the end. He reacted by not toning down but stepping up the abuse. The man will realise one day what he has lost.....

    Meanwhile as for the guy from the pimping manual....he did not make it clear how he took the woman's pain away....but the book is available online to be downloaded in pdf/bit torrent format. It seems it was pain relief for I can assume the pain relief consisted of either drugs or a cuddle or sex....I know from experience. The man in my case...lost his grip when the incidents continued but he failed to deliver sufficient pain relief.

  4. i wouldn't call it a first i thought it was a "get rich" scheme. Actually now i think its almost a philosophical guide to pimping