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Monday, 31 May 2010

Next Phase...

Promised I will stop sex for money or phase it out when I get a new room and replace my laptop...that way I can just do video/phone sex chat...Still not ideal but it is an income, I have no immediate prospects and any other ideas I have are not overnight. At least then I can still have enough money to enjoy myself without the need to go overboard, and have a somewhat more stable life....I can't help the fact that the work is tiring me, getting to me when it has cost me so much....The fact is I get lonely. This has caused me to accept mistreatment I don't think I would normally causes men to take the piss because they can. They can easily point to the fact that not many guys could hack what I requires a person without many insecurities. I know few such men....I have often wondered whether women like myself get abuse because men blatantly take the piss or if insults, violence, financial exploitation etc are a way that some men immaturely deal with a difficult situation. It may sometimes be both...people sometimes do what they can if you let them or feel you have no choice but to for the sake of having them around if you deem it worthwhile. I have to a great degree let myself be used, become a money, sex object etc. For some doing as I do maybe worth the personal aint worth it enough for me.

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