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Saturday, 3 April 2010

You Who Hurt...

A message...anyone who hurts stop projecting it on me, I never volunteered to be your little mirror and to represent all that is fucking dirt in your life...I wish your words had not hurt me but sadly they have, I feel as much as you do, right? It doesn't matter that I have never been anything and you have been something other than a miserable drug addict....there was no excuse for that, yes, you who is oh so pure only get off your face once a month or however often it fucking is...don't think you are better than me because you aint...I don't care about what anyone 'was' once just what fucking is, and what is.....I want to try my best to get on with my life, however miserable it may look. You probably will never see this...but I had to say it.

I've been around to stop somebody getting a bullet in the head, if what he has said has not been a load of dirt (like me, hey?) so fuck you, ok? And like the fact you are male means anything??? Fck you goodnight...or morning. You've got no right is all I say.....pick on someone who has actually done something to wreck your stupid life....


  1. Wow I'm sorry someone hurt you so. I guess the only good thing about me being sociophobic is that I let few people in, but I respect that you are able to and that's something good when you find the right person x

  2. Indeed it is, just could have done without that man's issues, these kind of things make me more likely to withdraw...but then I like company, depends who I guess and what their state of mind is...just get sick of all this projection as I am an easy fucking target I know and not much I can save for telling them to fuck sucks at times but doing as I do I run the risk of being frowned upon by the same men who don't mind the idea of shagging me when they feel you understand. Oh well.

  3. Hiya Snow Queen,

    Just passing by to say "hello!" and to unburden all my issues upon you, lol! Maybe I'll even blame you for each mistake I made... accuse you of being my rabbit into hell...

    When men want something (usually sex) they can be such tragic pathetic creatures... often they're that even when they don't want anything!

    Anyway, hope you're well... All My Thoughts & Wishes, Shane. x

  4. Hi Shane,
    Nice to hear from you again, hope you are doing ok. I have to agree with you about how man can last week showed me. I'm keeping ok, hoping things will get better...just trying to stay positive really,

    You keep well xx