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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Thoughts...From Man to Man

I do not always hate my work....but Monday's situation had repercussions that made me think. Some men are horrible, truly. The ones who make me so sick are those who despise me but do not mind the idea of shagging me when it so suits fact a few of them have done. Never again.

No compassion, no sympathy for what happened - some men think it is impossible to rape a whore. I 'consented' to having that man's prick in my mouth, my only grievance was my lack of payment so boo hoo. They just don't get it - had I not thought I was being paid I would not have consented. There were other things about the situation that I would not have consented to had I known the full facts on what was to be - that was why I came close to a breakdown and found it impossible to work for a few days, necked a whole strip of diazepam. I have had good customers since that have made up for the rotten experience, but I have made it known I will not be passed from man to man like I am subhuman.

How one can shag someone they hate is something I don't quite understand...but then I am not a man, am I?


  1. "How one can shag someone they hate is something I don't quite understand...but then I am not a man, am I?"

    That makes me laugh. Real men are not like these guys you've encountered lately. But there are a lot of ass hat men out there.

    I don't see it in the sole "shagging" sense. You have a product and you choose to sell or rent it. A man would not work in his job if the company/boss he sold or rented his time to didn't pay him.

    The event was a transaction. You were not paid. His reaction when he was told this was to proselytize to you in an effort to "justify" his being better than you. He is not better.

  2. Gawd, I find it hard enough getting a shag, let alone with someone I hate. I say that with all due respect to you.
    It is an embarrassment to me in some ways that the males of the species can do such awful things and reduce the act of sex down to some bizarre power trip...

  3. Indeed, I know not all men are like the ones I have encountered lately...and you're right, Charlene, that man's religious shite was an attempt to make him feel better about himself and for what he did...

    What I do is work, if you are not paid for your work you have been cheated. And indeed he is no better than me at all...all I can think of when I remember the man is just pure hatred. It wasn't even so much the physical stuff but the way he got into my head. I then missed calls the next day as I felt so fucked up and in effect lost more money, the episode cost me financially as well as mentally. I'd be able to put it behind me were I compensated more....but what you said, Charlene, struck a chord. There may well come a day when I stop making excuses for the man who left me in that rotten situation to begin with, it feels at times he does not think of me as a person who feels and it hurts me like hell.....

  4. it never fails to astound me how no matter how sweet men can be...they're still, well, men. emotionally retarded, mentally lazy MEN. but what can I do? I love the cock...but then again, I love the 'giney,