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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Sorry I aint been following everyone's blogs lately...pc problems and a case of my head being up you know where....but two months time pray all this is receding into a bad dream....I can take this no more.

And I have one last word to say to the internet hoes who think they are better than drug using streetwalkers (and if they do happen to like the odd sniff - as some sure do - then damn your hypocrisy and may your rubber split and you catch one of the nasty diseases you bang on about so self righteously like to prove you don't have them...I wish disease on nobody but hypocrites who smear others as being disease spreaders!) just fuck you all. Making your sister's lives harder, supporting the jerks who will name and shame them and you yourselves refusing to see guys who shag them lest you be infected with disease - as one person put it - with protection, and hey, if somebody does not cum in you repetively what is this fear of? Is it just spite and snobbery? Because if so....then be careful, wait til you are in the same situation...wait to see how you feel being labelled as such by your bitches! Stop fear mongering and read your medicine, ok?

While you will see guys who fly to Thailand to look for cheap whores...write about it on your site....while you slam them for seeing women in this country who sell a bit cheaper than you? Hell, women can be low. I was out tonight, some girl's pimp asked me if I'd seen her, I said no I hadn't. He then said to say if I did then tell her that she'd better be in else he'd kick her head in and smash her place up...I shouted no way do I pass on messages like that for women beaters, men who beat on their women, so the fucking scumbag pimp don't ask me.....he then asked someone else who was just to happy to pass on the message (did the man have bags of something?) and gave him her address, said he was welcome round her place....what a backstabbing nasty world this truly is. I thought I was numb to it but I am not. That's how I know this spiral has to end....I want to live, I have no true death wish. Coke makes you not care for a while, but when your supply is out everything looks even bigger....and that's why a lot of people who use crack (when regular cocaine no longer has the same effect) turn to heroin to come that makes you not feel as well as not care, but excessive use of that turns you to a non feeling zombie if you aint careful...that's why I want to avoid that rotten little spiral where I've been before.....

And hey, the snobbery of the straight women in the sex industry who pride themselves on being better than me for not using drugs....maybe this can be turned around. I am not judgemental....but if you insist on being so, then...what do you think of the idea that being able to shag strangers each day for no other reason than making money for material goods makes you better than me for sticking it up my nose? What gives you any more lasting satisfaction? If anything you are worse, if you must think that way....I find what I do pretty cold, so cold it is hard to do sober...well, top marks for being cold enough to do that all the time!!! Does it make you a better person though?

No wonder that man the other night used the term 'brasses' cockney rhyming slang brass door - whore. I would cry if I could not laugh - Velvet Underground Stephanie Says - Why is though she's the door, never be the room...and her friends call her Alaska..because it's so cold in Alaska....It's all in her mind...

Yes, it is mental and it is cold here....come who once loved me...

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