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Wednesday, 21 April 2010


God, it makes me so cross....needless to say this work has been getting to me lately, especially when someone is worrying me to hell with their silence, even after I apologise for a little tantrum and show of pathos yesterday...I got some guy coming in a while and are far from feeling up to it, especially after I slept 12 hours after lack of the previous night and still feel under the weather from general malaise...but as not much is happening here I called an agency, and the agent in question said he runs a 'high class' agency.....Actually, the pimp (which is what he is, though he would not like to be described thus) has two. One is the 'high class' one, the other is some joint where his girls let guys do one of the things I hold too sacred to squirting in the mouth. The pictures for this are far from 'high class' there is a pic of one young, very cheap looking woman (sorry but that is how she looks, hell it is no put down I probably looked cheap when I was young probably still do sometimes) with three men with their dicks out, her pussy is showing and so is her face as she holds one of the guys cocks over it...this filth is purely descriptive.

Well, what a respectable high class business....of course he uses different names. His public school accent makes no difference...he told me he uses different names as 'I know the nature of this business'. Too right I do, and I know his colour, accent, the fact he has money, invested in a professional way - let's wait for my 'interview' to see if he attempts to mix business with pleasure - makes no difference to what he is. He said he doesn't 'take money off everyone' just charges a fee per appointment.....makes no odds. Sorry, but I did found something distasteful about the pics and ads for his lower market establishment....but perhaps it is just more blatant, exposing it as it which case he shouldn't mind me describing him how he is then, should he? Fact he is a rich, succesful and professional one does not mean he is not a pimp.....I don't know him, he could well be an ok guy, but there was something rotten about that young looking girl so willing to let herself by pictured like that....and she probably needs the money more than her boss does. Updates after the interview....not that I give a shit, if he gets me work he'll get his fee, but no pretences or illusions with me. I only approached him as times are be it if I still get my hourly fee.


  1. There is no need to apologize, damn you were rightfully angry. You gotta get that shit out. You have your head screwed on right and have a good nose for a snake oil salesman.
    The whole young woman in a sub position is egregiously awful. Whether it's a marketing trick or whether its the real thing is beside the point Im sure you will agree.
    I hope and trust it all works out for you and you get yourself into a place whereby you can become yourself again. A great writer, songster and all round fantastic woman.
    Take care buddy

  2. Exactly Dan, it is the same thing. If it is a marketing ploy it is just sick, cynical, horrible...and if it is the real thing...then again it's essentially the same...for a man to just profit from it like this is horrible full stop. The sub theme is a genuine expression of sexuality, not wrong in itself, but when it is marketed for finance and purely for a male just becomes purely exploitative and rotten. It's like, ok I am sexually I should be turned on by all that one would think. I aint in the slightest.