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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Sisters are Doing it for....The Boys!

Something I get sick of about that how some of the women who advertise there are either bisexual or lesbians and flaunt their little flings so that clients can the hope of getting more tricks as a lot of men love the lesbian/2 girl fantasy. For me it is the fakest thing I can is rare for me to find women sexually attractive as I am more straight than bi anyway, though it is not unknown nor off limits it's not the norm for me....and if I did actually decide to find myself a girlfriend it's not the kind of thing I would market for money....Ok so I do offer doubles, I am willing to do light stuff, threesomes with women for cash...but there is nothing genuine about it, it is 'so fake it is beyond fake' to quote Courtney Love....but then I am faking it pretty real these days anyway, there are times I click with somebody others I don't if cash is involved so obviously it is more 'real' if I do click than reason I stress even the affection of a pimp isn't totally fake, or at least not always, sometimes it may be totally corrupts even the most genuine and heartfelt of human interactions but those totally based on cash or at these those that openly involve the payment for sex, affection whatever it can be nice when something genuine is found among what is generally fake....The self righteous blow job recipient (and another jerk involved in a similiar fucked up situation complained it felt fake what the fuck did they expect I made no pretence from the start that I truly liked them, I admitted it was for cash or drugs (which on the second occasion were not given, hence the feeling of violation)....

But, to get back to the point.....if it is truly fake on the part of the women concerned, if they are making it up just to cater to the fantasies of these guys and pull tricks...then I forgive them. But if there is something genuine there and they are using it as a marketing tool I find it a bit...sickening. Perhaps I am no person to judge, but there are things I will not do for money. I won't let guys come in my mouth (whereas some sex workers allow it), leaving aside the possible health risks it is too personal anyway, I won't even do it the first month or so I am seeing a guy, I have to feel comfortable to allow it. Same goes for certain other things I don't really want to discuss here, the things I will do with a partner I won't do for money......because not only would it be a violation of boundaries it would feel like....sacrilige. But maybe I am a hypocrite because there is stuff I have mentioned on such sites....such as references to orgasms, I have used the fact I play guitar as a marketing tool, another time I mentioned that I had a dom partner if anyone fancied a bit of voyeurism (I don't like being sub for money....perhaps because I like to stay in control, but also that I feel it would be a violation because I actually am sexually sub and not dom)...and I hate it when the more intelligent guys who pay sus this out) where do you draw the line and say what is to sacred to pimp out, so to speak? Perhaps nothing is truly sacred...and it exposes the hypocrisy, the fact that the women who market lesbianism on that site are among the highest earners, whereas those same guys who are turned on by lesbianism frown upon gay men, or at least some of them do....or find the idea of men together abhorrent.

To me, if I had a genuine gay affair with someone to pimp it out would be the same as saying 'I love you' when I don't mean it, stringing somebody along pretending I truly do like them only to obtain something, I prefer to be open....and in return I earn contempt, from those who think it is more sophisticated to be devious about things and play with people's heads...try having your own head played with.

Meanwhile, sisters, try doing it for yourselves as well as for the boys.....This is a confusing one, as if these women were actually straight and were faking it totally, if it was purely for money it would somehow make me feel a bit more uneasy...perhaps it is my own stupid hang ups because if there is nothing wrong with marketing straightness....perhaps I say this because I know the mentality of some of the purchasers on that site too well, especially as far as bisexuality or homosexuality goes.....Perhaps it is just a question of knowing or finding out where your boundaries are, what is to sacred to let money contaminate...but in a capitalist world it seems nothing is anymore. Fuck it.


  1. The fmf 3-some fantasy is very common among men. Men are like that, if you like it or not. That's what a lot of porn is about; vizualizing that fantasy. And that's what parts of your business is about; realizing that fantasy. The kind of things our spouses are not willing to do. But of course, you decide what services you will and will not offer. Everybody have to respect that >:)

  2. Of course....I don't have to like it, just how men are...I think what is annoying about it is how common and how repetitive and boring that theme gets....As you probably notice I need a break as that business has been getting to me, but the reason is because of the personal grief with one particular man more than anything else. Oh well, perhaps there are women who won't let their husband cum in their mouths etc - whereas funny there are things I would do in a relationship and not for money...and the fmf threesome thing is something I have been pressured to do before, once I consented simply to try and spice a relationship up and preserve it, a bit of emotional prostitution on my part.