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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Seasons In The Sun

Can't believe fucking Westlife did a cover of this.... sacrilege! Ok, the Nirvana version was not that great, he sounded smacked out and not that bothered (in the recorded version...I pasted the live one which is a bit can I say...spontaneous, not so obvious despair not caring how it sounded etc)...But it is not a happy song is it? How dare that smarmy pop band make a genuinely sad song into a fucking shallow....can't think of the word know what I mean!

Just thought when I heard...I could do better than that Westlife idiot, forgive me ego but I got the chords somewhere....and at least the Nirvana version is somewhat real...

Don't worry I've got no intention of dying yet, wilfully, even if I have moments of darkness...will elaborate more later...meanwhile how dare smarmy boy bands murder classics!

Just thought I'd say....I've got no intention of dying yet...but this song always used to make me cry.

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