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Friday, 23 April 2010

No Mercy.....and that Public School Sleazebag

He's just been coming back and said don't expect any mercy he fucking has to earn so therefore I do and if he wanted to be a complete bastard he'd demand a percentage but he doesn't so he is being relatively merciful....he can afford to give no favours I said what of the times I've helped him out he said what the hell he's paid me back in goods and what of the times he has helped me out......I said I know he's having it hard I've tried to empathise and he said I've done nothing but do his head in he is sick of stress from everyone...I know where the man is and I understand. I just wish that.......bloody want my own goods, sick of having to earn like this.

I said I'll earn if he brings something more meanwhile more I owe great now I gotta earn that before keeping a penny for myself I can't believe it.......God I am a fine one to criticise anyone else...but I swore the self respect I do have is in what I don't do....

That sleazebag I didn't show up for the interview today, the one with the public school accent, it was part due to his parties leaving a bad taste in my mouth, the young cheap sub women taking it up any hole....I told my man I have self respect I am on drugs won't consent to that shit....he said well they must be. I won't sink that low, a guy just rang me asking could he fuck me up the arse I said I don't do all inclusive does not mean I do anything you want you little fucker dirtbag.

I feel frustrated and there is some level that I feel angered by women who do consent to it...get banged up any hole for money, get boob jobs just to please men to obtain more is cold, sick, horrible.....Why I feel so down on this sex industry I am normal libertarian about each to their own....cos it's dark misogynistic side keeps coming to the fore....'take up any hole, hey I'm your filthy little retard doll' is not lack of intelligence, and maybe I am being a hypocrite cos I don't consent to anything because I really want just saddens me, adds to my pain that some women let themselves be degraded to that level....and that there is a public school educated pimp earning out of it....don't think you are any better than any bloody low rent coke pimp cos you aren't...and the sleazeball probably doesn't have a habit even....if men do have habits, addictions is one thing....but if they just earn off women for the sake of, get rich off the suffering of cheap young crack/coke whores....that is just sick. No wonder I don't really want to see the man....or have him earn fuck all off me.

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