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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

X-Ray Spex - I Live Off You

A comment on my last post brought this song to mine......we are all parasites...'cat eats the rat while pimp beats the whore she cries out for more and more'....

Perhaps that's just capitalism, or is it human nature? Fuck knows and fuck cares by now, just wanna frigging survive it's a hard life when you can't trust even those you are close to.....

Read my comments on the last post....perhaps the reason while the pimp/whore relationship offends 'decent' society is because it is explicit about what is implicit in many relationships, just like the relation between whore and trick etc.

Those who think men who pay for sex have power over the women they pay are mistaken...just because you pay does not mean you have power or control, it is far more complex, again. As one man who wrote a manual on the art of the 'game' put it - the trick is really at the bottom, the whore is in the middle while the pimp is on top - I'd probably agree, it's a food chain, the whore wants the money from the tricks and the pimp wants the money she gets from them, so who is on top?

Victim feminism sickens me, leaving the sex workers with no power while giving power to not only the clients but pimps while she is a victim of both...bullshit. A classic example and I have to be crude here is that a trick will often pay to go down on me...a pimp will prefer to receive than give.... Truth is that with men I am intimate with I prefer to give than receive, some people think this unusual...but many mens fantasy maybe......

And even then, as pointing out earlier, a pimp could not survive without an income, could he? Obviously his women must want or get something....pretty much like clients do not pay prostitutes for nothing, nobody pays money for nothing, there are levels of control....I guess what sickens people so about the sex industry is that it acts as a microism on what is implicit all the time throughout society in general, a status quo which the moralising middle classes have a vested interest in maintaining while at the same time need to curb it's excesses and people who blatantly expose it by taking it to it's logical conclusion.....they need punishment for 'immorality', 'cure' for social disease or whatever....'exit strategies ' was the last slogan I heard from Blair's bitches in parliament in reference to sex workers.

Hypocrites because we all know about politician sleaze don't we? Think of the promotional possibilities from sucking your bosses cock if he is running the country or helping to do so........Edwina Currie spring to mind?


  1. A well thought out and brilliantly argued piece.
    I know this is a bit off point but you may want to read 'Pimp' by Iceberg Slim.
    A nasty piece of work but it does confirm a lot of what you are saying.
    Ahh, the 'care' the chattering classes show for those below them. We had something similar in the area I live in for street workers. It was called something like 'future choices'.
    On another note, may I suggest you read (maybe you have already) 'Pimp' by Iceberg Slim. It is a very interesting bio about a pimp in the 60's and may resonate with you.
    Keep up the fight girl!

  2. Sounds interesting....there is also a manual available online and on order by a guy called Mickey Royal, on the art of pimping women. That is a nasty piece of work too, and the man is pretty cold and predatory, but still....