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Sunday, 14 March 2010


I'm off to sleep. The weekend turned out ok, earned in the end...just fucked up today as I'd been up all night Saturday on a job so I slept today and missed a few calls, could kick myself as forgot to set my alarm so no doubt missed a job or two could've been a few hundred pounds but then again perhaps I needed the rest and I would've been no good to anyone tired and flakey, although I've managed it before. Things had picked up so was bound to have gotten something it is just a nuisance when I need the money, and that potential hundred pounds or more I needed....would've helped if I hadn't been let down earlier and could've had something to keep me awake.

Meanwhile, as I was regaining my positivity someone gets shitty with me on the phone hangs up when I have done nothing wrong at all, promised to help him was going to give him a present but I'll have to let him stew for the meantime.......meanwhile he'd better give me the number of the paper or I'll be fucked for this week as well. I'll look up their details myself if need be, but really......and even then I said I'll still help him out. He can take or leave my kindness as I tire of walking on emotional eggshells, my job aint always easy so I don't need this, I am doing my best to pick myself up sort my life out and I could help him if only he would let me and not decide to let his moods govern him....'sick of me' indeed when I've done nothing wrong, called him offered to help him and all, I had not been bothering him save send a few texts saying 'sorry' again for not having done much wrong I am sick of crying. I must keep my spirits up as Saturday was good just could kick myself about losing money today is all.


  1. Oh, my girl is back! Glad you earned, sad you didn't.
    You will get where you are going in your own good time.
    I have had a similar emotional experience with an ex recently and I said 'fuck it, I'm gonna crush those eggshells'
    I know you and I are very different, but we still share a number of common bonds, namely the frustration and disappointment with other people.
    It can be trying I know, but I know you will deal with it in your own strong and headfast way.
    Glad to see your blog x

  2. I have a really bad problem with hanging up on people for no reason besides that I'm just done talking. I'm worried now that I may have maybe upset people doing this.

  3. Problem was not the fact he hung up, he does that when he is sick of talking, was just how he was. Still things were ok, though he is still having problems and all. As for crushing eggshells Dan it can be messy x