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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Quick Post....

I am having to keep this post quick as there is a problem with my connection at home....should all be well tomorrow as been in touch with provider and all, promised me within 24 hours.........

Not having it to hand at home makes me realise how I get used to the internet and how much time I spend on it, perhaps more than is healthy, especially facebook. Facebook is, in fact, a damn curse as much as a blessing, as other people who I read have noticed. If it were not for one of my whinges, and a stupid dumb response from a friend of mine (wrote something about my man - not having the foresight to think, hey, wouldn't he be a friend of mine on there?) and that stupid posh friend in London (who I mentioned) ended bringing the damn coppers to my door - last thing any of us needed at the time. My fault for posting there that I felt miserable, but it was just my luck my phone broke at the same time, she put two and two together to make........5. That whole thing started off a whole spiral that could've been avoided, people poking their noses into my life being judgemental etc, and all sorts. Thanks FB - and thanks to the friend (who I don't trust enough to tell him of this blog anymore) who spurted out stupidity of that nature.

Check out a site called IMVU, it is a 3d chat room a bit like second life but more user friendly, you get your own avatar, dress it up, perform virtual actions with others's quite a lot of fun!

Meanwhile I gotta earn know who has debts to pay to violent dudes again. I get sick of this kind of worry, and you may ask me why I do this, it isn't really my problem directly......but would anyone truly want to see someone they love in that kind of shit, even if they haven't always been perfect?

Will catch up tomorrow.....feeling pretty tired, could do with either a night in or at least a temporary lift.....will see if the latter shows. Til later xxxx

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