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Sunday, 7 March 2010


A post made by Memoirs of a heroinhead about one of his recurring dreams brought one of mine to I have been told several times that I 'play with fire'.

I had two very vivid dreams on that topic last year. The first involved me as a spectator, not a participant. There was a couple in an elevator, there was a fire at the top of the building and the elevator got stuck, the guy tried to fix it so the pair of them would not burn to death. They got down to the basement and were confronted with a kind of zoo - consisting of live Barbie dolls (Barbie dolls, as you may have noticed, being another theme of mine).

The second dream involved me and a guy (I didn't know who he was, couldn't put a name or face to him, but it was around the time I split from my ex and started seeing my current guy) that the dream occured in reverse..That time I was not a spectator but an actor in it, and me and this guy were on the roof of a burning building, the fire underneath rather than above us, and it involved somehow jumping onto the roof of the next building so we would not be burnt alive........perhaps it was simply a metaphor for the kind of life that I live, the element of danger. I actually had an obsession with fire as a kid....maybe that says something.


  1. How uncanny, I too have had a few fire dreams and as dreams go this one was a weirdy and recurred quite often. I used to dream my fingers were on fire and no matter how much water I doused them with, the durn thing would not stop. I used to wake up crying haha.
    Then they stopped.
    Metaphors, yes, I can probably see mine in retrospect, the whole playing with fire and you get burnt thing.
    Very interesting....

  2. Hiya snow Queen,

    Thanks for the mention and reading and commenting on my blog. Well, I've not had too many dreams about fire but once or twice I have opened my eyes to a roomful of flames! Junkies and cigarettes are a dangerous pairing! ;)

    I'll still leave a reply to your commenrt over at mine.. so, until soon... all My Best, Shane. x

  3. Interesting Dan, also I've had the one where there is a fire behind me and my legs are rooted to the spot, can't move....but always wake before the fire burns me, don't know if you've had that.

    You're welcome Shane, I like your blog for it's topic and honesty, as I can obviously relate. I remember when I was a bad smackhead, ruined several duvets by gouching with cigs.......seen other people's places with burn holes in their sheets so I wasn't the only one.....remember seeing a junkie gouch with a fag before I'd ever tried smack, I knew she had been a smackhead but didn't know she was still using and didn't know the signs lol, just assumed she was tired or had too many joints lol. My naivety then makes me laugh now. That was when I was about nineteen, before I ever tried any hard drugs, only thing I'd done was grass. I found I had less of that problem when switching to roll ups, but nearly started a few fires in other ways....

    Take care and glad you are ok and all xx

  4. I've also been having some strange dreams lately...I'm too afraid to talk about them or what I think they mean...I'm afraid

  5. I have a lot of dreams of fire. I have a fear of it though, so I think it's pretty self-explanitory. Well, I don't fear fire itself but losing my belongings in a fire. That is a result of losing too much as a young girl. For a while, my belongings were all I had.
    Being a drunk, I have started a few fires and burned many-a-holes in my clothing and bedsheets. I get pissed at myself when that happens because I usually really like that which I have burnt!