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Thursday, 18 February 2010


Things may be looking up....I aint hurting so much now, just gonna take things as they come......I been earning not too bad lately, been relatively lucky, just spent quite a bit binging. I'll get myself together next week, after my birthday and all, I deserve to have fun then but I really will attempt to lay off the sniff until the following weekend. I need to start making money, actually make a profit....then I can rely more what I get on the phone, that will be sufficient for my daily needs and to enjoy myself weekends. I will be myself again - the person I know I can be when I am happy and do as I will because I like to....not because I want to escape from depression


  1. I'm an old softie, so share (ugh, I can't believe I just used that word), I mean tell me the date.
    I want to make sure a big kiss comes to you all the way from heat drenched Melbourne

  2. Thanks hon, I appreciate that! Not many people understand my problems as so many of them are self inflicted......but if I was happy they'd be no need to escape all the time by getting high......I've seen happy people who alter their consciousness for the fun of it....when I am ok I can be like that. I want to be again......