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Friday, 5 February 2010

Thoughts Again....Brothels, Agencies Etc.

Just read Infinite Sadness's latest post on guys who take too long.....I wholeheartedly know how she feels....30 minutes means just that. Had a guy once who could not climax within that time, then told him if he wanted longer he could pay more.....he then decided to blame me for his failure, the jerk! It was his problem, but some guys do know how to take the piss alright! Hopefully got someone round in an hour or so, hope he doesn't let me down. Someone let me down yesterday and screwed up my evening, he called in the morning said he'd be round in the evening.....stupid prick left a voicemail message on my work phone to cancel.....and I don't listen to voicemail on that phone because it does not always have credits. Nor did I see a missed call from him, it must have been engaged....why could he not have texted to ensure I'd see it? How thoughtless are these pricks? Relying on that stupid phone alone for a while cost me a fortune, I'm so happy to have my personal phone back. 02 can be good if you've been with them a while especially, good tariffs, free texts and calls every so often....unlike that stupid network the work phone is on.

Thing is I texted that idiot telling him call me on my other phone...for a second time, after he'd let me down, he called again on the work phone and left a voicemail a second time, why could he not have bloody texted? I had to spell it out - please call or text on my other phone, please do not leave voicemail on that phone etc. I am gonna give up that stupid work phone, use my personal one for everything til I get another work phone from 02. Jason lent me the work phone - no wonder he never has any credits with that stupid network.

I hope this guy does show at four doesn't let me down......else I'll need to earn otherwise, somehow. Internet been dead lately.....what makes me puke is when guys see that ad and want to come round immediately, instantly - as if I don't need time to prepare. I cannot be tarted up all day as I have a life apart from that - I do need to do normal things like shopping etc and I work by appointment, I do not run a brothel where people can just turn up out of the blue and find me immaculate....escorts, single or agencies, did not used to be brothels....the fact that many brothels advertise as agencies confuses the matter. Brothels used to advertise under 'massage' - why don't they still? Escorts are call girls....either go to meet the guys at their place or a hotel or have them appointment. One is supposed to give an hours notice. I do not advertise as massage or a brothel....I advertise as an escort, pure and simple. When he put an ad in the paper for me he had it as an agency, not a brothel. People who run brothels should stop calling themselves agencies as it screws my work up....I get sick of guys calling thinking I am a brothel, like....'How many girls do I have there'.....and 'what time am I open til?', or 'what time am I there til'. The last one is my, this is my home, I damn well live here!

Someone rang this morning expected to come round with 5 minutes notice when I had not long been awake and did not feel at my best. As much as I needed the money, I had to turn him away because I could not answer the door in my pajamas and I need time to prepare mentally as well as physically. Why can they not just give notice? Or, if they must have instant gratification look in the massage section - then they'll be certain to find a brothel where they can just turn up immediately, it would save me the aggro. If things were booming right now I could in theory set my hours, get dressed up and say I am available certain times, limit it to afternoons or evenings only and run like a one woman brothel.......I've done it before. But all is so slack right now I do what I can when I can......and to be honest I prefer working this way by appointment, it suits me better.....I prefer to be an escort than a brothel.

I got very snappy this morning when one guy rang asked what time am I 'open' til, to which I responded I am not 'open' as such at any time as my home is not a brothel where people can just show up and expect to see me on tap, no notice. 'Available' does not mean 'open'. I am going to state on my ad explicitely that notice is required, I am not a brothel, and they must bear that in mind...also that they get what they pay for, I treat them decently if they show me respect and all. Another thing that annoys the hell out of me is when guys ask what am I like....if you respond off the internet then you see my pictures and a description, you jerks! You know full well what I am like....or you should. Some ring with the sole intention of getting cheap kicks, no intention of making an appointment, they just want to obtain free what they would pay £1.70 per min on a premium rate number....and jerk off while they talk to me. I have to keep those calls brief and cut them short. There are so many timewasters it is so frustrating and unreal, but the worst are those who make appointments, either bottle out or just get kicks out of wasting my time, and don't bother phoning to cancel. They normally don't answer if I call them back. I mean, what do they expect me to do to them if they cancel? Kill them, castrate them?

That's why in some ways, however degrading it can be in it's own way, walking the streets is in some ways easier although it's a bit more dangerous because it saves talking on the phone with timewasters. At least I know where I stand - and I don't mean on a corner lol.


  1. I used to be a 'proper' escort, then worked in a couple of brothels so I understand where you're coming from, too. They can be inconsiderate a-holes when they call or agree to meet at a certain time, date.....then surprised when you tell then they can't just pop by, it's business and appointments need to be made! Like they somehow feel if they've seen you once you won't mind them just showing up with little or even no notice!! When I'm walking the streets, once the cash has exchanged hands it's straight down to business and since it's not exactly the perfect place to do it, they leave pretty damn quickly, too!

  2. although men can do it at any time, appointments can be so formal sometimes. The minute the decsion is made to make that call, the mindset of the guy is bad-ass, even on the phone. Its this thing, idea, that girls fall for bad ass dudes so I've got to be one. And although what you have is a formal relationship with them, although they're there to please themselves, there's still that something that says i've got to be bad-ass to please her. I'm repeating myself but thats how I see it though

  3. Good points from both of you, at least they do go quickly on the streets Masochist! In some ways it is easier because you don't get all that shit on the phone...

    Weekly, I see what you mean although I'd never thought of that in the sense of clients....maybe it is subconscious because they know I am only seeing them on a business level. The bad ass thing I've experienced with partners to a degree where it has gone too in the case of the guy I've been with lately.