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Monday, 22 February 2010

Still a bitch....'coked up and fucked up'.

I hate no playa....just the whole rotten system! Indeed I hate the game.....but whenever I mention the capitalist system people think I am in favour of what was in Russia - no way!!!! I just want a free state where people can get on be nice to each other, with no need for violence....wee pipe dream.

Criminals take capitalist logic to its eat dog etc....and there is prfot be made out women. Don't blame poor men from the ghetto...blame the whole system (especially the small percentage of the population sit on yachts, champagne, jacuzzis, bribe the cops to sell their drug, to men a bit below who do pure coke themselves but sell crack in the ghettos that contains 90% benzo). But let not the State rip anyone off....say, like, we won't legalise crack but sell something 15% cocaine at a highish price? No way.

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