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Monday, 15 February 2010

Lou Reed - Caroline Says II

Just replace the word 'speed' with 'coke' - you get the picture. Indeed, look at yourself before using me as a mirror...right now it is cold in Alaska but Spring may be here soon ....Indeed life should be more than this. Great party that ended in a bum trip.....should soon be over...


  1. you're the snow queen. fascinating
    the singer must've been really freezing, i can really feel him when 'its so cold in Alaska'

  2. I was listening to this last night and I love this song! Terrific musicianship and good choice...

  3. Indeed....that's kind of how I got the idea....I think Alaska is a metaphor for that kind of thing....I've heard people who've indulged in a lot of stimulants say they feel numb or cold.....