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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Kill All Hippies!

A post I wrote a while back on another blog.......appropriate for here as well! It did actually relate to my ex, and his bullshit views......

You know what? I have fucking had it up to the back teeth with pretensious hippies, especially white middle class men pontificating on the benefits one can gain by allegedly following their religious views, taking their drugs (cannabis, hallucinogenics and ectsasy) and dancing to their repetive psytrance techno. According to some such pals who have taken residence in India and gone oh so spiritual, their music, as well as their drugs, can bring people 'all together' to become as one, raise one's consciousness and get one 'closer to God'. Along with their chat up lines about 'tantric sex'. Bloody rot. Anyone can come out with such shit - and what is righteous about getting high? They are welcome to as much as anyone, but tell me how I should get my kicks and I become very irate.

I can go one better - but I doubt I would be taken seriously. So why are they taken seriously? But, here goes........


Our movement is based upon the growing level of interest in spiritual matters among most people in the West. They find our culture spiritually empty - well, you don't have to go East. The tools are here, trouble is we have to be exclusive due to the repressive laws erected by the fascist regimes of the world. Our radical movement has the potential to overthrow society as we know it.

Therefore it is recommended that you read the literature written by myself, helped along by other members of the 'White Light White Heat Foundation'. We have based our principles upon not only the study of light energy (the Source of all being, amen) but also having had experienced it for ourselves. We wish to spread this message to others, as many as possible.

The gateways to experiencing the source of all being and gaining a taste of Nirvana while on this material plane are on my very being, and are possessed by every human (or hey men, you have the keys as well to help me open them, along with your own!). We simply need the help of each others company, some music, and some drugs.

One can, if possible, achieve the State of bliss through years of meditation without the help of either stimulants, music, or sexual activity. But why go through all this when we have the tools to achieve it now?

In order to achieve the state of union with the divine this is what we must do. Cocaine use, each others company, of music and sexual activity are required. The first two are essential, but the latter two will ensure the experience is achieved, especially when both are used. For those who have trouble relaxing the use of alcohol is recommended.

At our parties one is ensured the ultimate in spiritual experience, especially if they have studied our literature.

We have comfortable surroundings in a remote rural area. Cocaine and alcohol are both provided. We have comfortable areas designed for both snorting and social facillitation, and on our dancefloors fast techno and rap music are played with a tantric rhythmn to help loosen one's inhibitions. Our guest rooms are very comfortable, and if one wishes for some time to simply focus and enjoy the state of euphoria, communion and bliss we have chill out rooms on top of the mansion overlooking the night sky.

One will find that the correct amount of coke combined with the music and the tantric sex (that will achieve mind and body orgasms equivalent to surges of hot white light surging through oneself) will achieve the sensation of flying. The euphoria produced will result in you feeling at one with the universe, the rest of humanity, and with the source of all being, the divine. You will feel or see God, to put it bluntly.

Having experienced such a state myself I can be certain that death is not the end, and when I leave this body the state I can only now experience after having used certain quantaties of coke will be permanent. I will melt into the source in perpetual bliss, eternity being spent in an orgasmic centre of white light energy, hot and pure.

Those who fail to gain this awareness during their lifetimes will only have to suffer the fates of either rebirth or a period in hell, depending on their level of ignorance and alienation from the Source. It is down to oneself whether they wish to remain in ignorance or not.

To help the process of salvation it is recommended that you not only study our literature but after doing so join our foundation and attend our gatherings. Membership costs £100 per month, and our parties cost £1000 to attend, coke and alcohol being provided as well as accomodation. One will not be dissapointed with the quality of our drugs - we only use the purest Peruvian flake cocaine and our wines, beers, and spirits are of the finest quality also.

Although the price may seem a little steep at first, you must bear in mind that our goods are expensive, things being as they are. Our money goes towards good causes - we campaign against the current drug laws and do the best we can to promote social justice as well as enlightment.

To order our literature or to enquire about membership please go to

The Source be with You (I'll sniff to that)


That, my friends, is what I say to those self righteous pretentious hippies who wish to ram their views (and their drugs) down my throat. God knows why they have a following - cos is anything they promote superior to what I have just preached above? You'll be hard pressed to give me any examples. There is no need to tell me about the dangers of any kind of drug - but then I am not the kind of twat who claims that the use of cannabis (or any of their other psychedelic hippy drugs) are harmless, beneficial, righteous even - while scorning at people who have a different idea of a good time, with or without any kind of drug. I have no right to ram my tastes down other people's throats. It is true that an experience of transcendence can be achieved with the help of drugs - but I don't promote it. What the experience consists of - I have no scientific proof that it consists of anything other than chemical reactions in the brain so I don't get into pointless mystical debates and lectures about metaphysics, philosophy in the attempt to convince people that it does consist of anything more than what is scientifically known. Anyone with a logical brain will see what I mean. I was attacked by a damned hippy for having 'too much of a logical brain' for being 'narrow minded' and 'unimaginative'. In which case I shall praise logic, being rational and lacking the 'imagination' to speak drug fuelled gibberish, in spite of my having experienced the effects of getting high or stoned.

Let's do whatever we will to that and tell them to shove their mystical, drug driven bullshit where the sun does not shine - up their noses or any other orifice.


  1. I'd join your cult. I'd probably roll my eyes at everything but at least I'd get a good party out of it right?

    I can totally relate to where you're coming from here. But I understand the other side too. I saw a program about how hip and cool eastern meditation and LSD are ... you know, back when the Beatles were still new and fresh.

  2. Well observed again, I am currently working on a blog that relates my disdain regarding new agers and their pompous arrogant know-it-all attitude regarding things like spirituality and sacred herbs. For fucks sake, teke them and have fun, don't babble on about finding your inner cry-baby!
    The world is their delicatessen and they can pick and choose whatever spiritual path or paths suit their lifestyle.
    'Oh Im spending this weekend out in the bush doing a Native American sweat lodge thing, then I'm going to my tantric sex classes, then Im going to ingest some Yage extract to find my spirit guide etc etc...'
    The west has stolen all the material goods of the lands they conquered centuries ago, now they want to plunder their spiritual and cultural birthright as well...
    Grr I am going to start raving and turning into a non-sensical babbler in a minute, so I will stop.
    As soon as my blog is up I will let you know if you are interested. I think you have hit paydirt with this one ;)

  3. Spot on Dan.....Indeed I heard all the shit about herbs as well, aint it a bore? So perfect for spoilt rich brats....I went out with a guy like that for over six months, rich background etc.....and it was an eye opener, I never quite trusted all that but experiencing all that directly made me see through it...the guy even drank hemp milk for breakfast, can you believe? Astrobabble goes along with it as well, the whole package is just so predictable. Ever since that experience I just steer clear of people like that for my own sanity...which can already be fragile at times!

  4. If I was a believer I would coin an old but pertinent phrase and say 'May the lord have mercy on us all' haha. Hemp Milk??? What the...? I suppose it was to relax his insides and allow his bladder and bowel movements to be united with the universe. Oh and those poor cows, you can tell they were stressed by the taste of this milk...grrr. Dont get me started as my anger is seething. In the words of John Lydon "Anger is an energy" so I will thus follow this dictum and begin tapping away at a super caustic blog.
    BTW as far as I can tell your sanity is intact. Its the others....