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Friday, 5 February 2010

Hippy Tourism - Or Hippycrites.

Here's something else I posted before re annoying hippies......

I notice that another favourite pastime of self righteous arrogant hippies is to lecture others on environmentalism, and force their Western middle class guilt on others. And you know what? They aint got no right at all. They are as guilty as anyone - in fact far guiltier than the people they sneer on who live in cities and live on cheap food and takeaways.

How do they get to their exotic backpacking destinations? However far the human race had evolved, I have heard no news that it's more 'enlightened' members have grown wings. Therefore, I must assume they catch a plane like everyone else. Yet, these same people have the nerve to lecture others for air flights! Oh well, ok if you are a spoilt rich kid used to buying first class tickets to hot destinations. Ok, then, to look down on those less fortunate and demonise them for doing, um, the same thing you do - but in fact using less air mileage because you can only afford a short fuel flight to some Southern European destination anyway? I got sick to death of that George Monbiot writing in the Guardian on that very subject, and was pleased when somebody wrote in and pointed out his own consumption of air fuel.

In fact - I've a great idea for the issue of air fuel consumption - one that has already been suggested by some of our dear environmental friends but it's long overdue! Let's go back to the good old days - now! Let us once again make air travel a luxury only for the privileged view, the very rich. That way the huddled masses and the great unwashed will not create eyesores at airports nor will the elite be forced to rub shoulders with them as they pass them on the steps of the plane. Every hot foreign beach will be uncontaminated, no more working class men with tattoos or beer cans nor women in white stilettos! Let the rich reclaim every hot spot in the world, and let the masses be satisfied as they once were with eating fish and chaps on British beaches - where they belong!

The trouble is being rich does not mean you are cleaner, cause less pollution....the poor do not drive around in 4x4s. One vile little man (Mr Hemp) banged on about how well decked some rich hippies had their vans....and I pointed out my dislike of those types. The fucker said that they must be 'cleverer' than me because I am poor and a prostitute to boot......the thing he misses, is that just like him (mummy and daddy's boy) the wealth these people have is rarely self made, it is normally inherited...had I a rich daddy who gave me a trust fund I'd be laughing. Tara Palmer Tomkinson has not ever had to walk the streets to obtain her drugs, no sign of her superior intelligence though. But at least she isn't a hypocrite in that sense.

Lets see what benefits hippies bring to the places they visit....

Now, I know that neither of the first two pieces are concerned directly with hippies, ok. But who made both those places tourist hot spots in the first place? Thai beaches are almost ruined by Western tourism, and Goa is not far off. First come the backpackers, then come the nightclubs, fast food joints (to accomodate their partying) hotels, and bang - you have a new exotic destination. Better idea, let's build a new airport there as well to make it a more convenient spot for tourists to flock to!! Most beach resorts destroyed by tourism were tranquil areas once. Now they are nightmares of discarded rubber, paper (and God knows what other debris), beer cans, and 24-7 noise.

The laws described in the second article may seem a little harsh - but why did it come to that? Perhaps it may have had something to do with the locals getting fed up of having their ears blasted with loud techno 24-7 and their beaches turned into non stop discos or raves? I doubt the locals would see so quickly the link between rave culture and spirituality as modern hippies are quick to, but let's leave that for now. And what a nerve....a foreigner getting aggressive with local cops when he was creating noise and no doubt other pollution on their beach. When in Rome do as the Romans do. Trashing your own beach is one thing - but someone elses?

Now, I'm not one to lecture anybody about noise - I am probably one of the worst culprits. Trance (as is often played on those beaches) is not my thing, but I am not averse to some kinds of techno, and of course I love to play loud rock music. But then I don't tell people how trendy it is to catch long haul air flights and start parties on exotic beaches.

I am no killjoy - but those who preach against consumption of air fuel and noise pollution are often among the worst culprits for adding to it. Please, mote and beam. Or look in the mirror.

Another thing that locals (especially if they are poor) in these destinations probably get sick of is being treated either as objects of pity or as curiosities by Western tourists.

Now, I am not averse to visiting exotic destinations myself (when I have the air fare, which is not very often) but there is nothing wrong with having a little -um- awareness? In my case it's more a question of the feelings of the locals rather than air mileage, but that depends on your priorities, doesn't it?

Now, I aint kidding, but one American hippy posted online that he goes to beach parties in Goa because there are no beaches in NYC....what? Not in the whole of New York State - and aint NY on the East Coast of the United States? Even if he was being lighthearted there is an implication there...ok, so the waters around NY are polluted. Hence he must go and pollute the waters elsewhere. All he is engaging in is a more subtle form of imperialism. Locals put up with the likes of him no doubt because they are poor and need the money tourism brings.....but that doesn't mean they like all the crap that comes with Westerners, their culture ('alternative' or otherwise) and the pollution, destruction of their beaches.

Don't misunderstand me by my link to the second article - in this country I am not in favour of police breaking up outdoor parties, on the beach or elsewhere (in fact I hate it) and, yes, even when it comes to hippies, they're entitled to have their fun like the rest of us (even though I personally find both their music and their drugs rather tedious). It is not for me to dictate, but not all of them have been willing to show me the same level of tolerance. And then they wonder why I get sick of hippies and their tastes.

However, my support of the outdoor music scene might not be the same if I lived in another country, simply wanted to be in peace and found my local beach invaded by Western hippies, their 24-7 raves (with the noise entailed) and the beaches not only crowded and noisy but also littered with garbage. Perhaps then my tolerance would start to wane, especially were I a few years older.

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  1. Another astute observation my pardner in grime. I mean, what is the point of touring or travelling to another country really?To immerse yourself in something different, not the same. When I hump my swag to destinations exotic, I make a point of staying well the fuck away from areas swarming with 'travellers', as I wish to do something different. If I wish to get fucked up I will do it with locals, not people from the next suburb to mine at home.
    I was speaking to one of the blokes who works at the laundromat I wash at the other day. He comes from India and he was saying when he goes home he still sees scores of Westerners dipping themselves in the Ganges, to cleanse themselves.Him and his mates have a good laugh at these misguided fools. He said it would be cleaner sitting in a toilet and have people shit and piss on you all day!They then end up in poorly resourced local hospitals demanding top notch health care, which they generally get, but that is to the detriment of locals who need these resources once 'Sunshine' and 'Rainbow' have jetted away. What are we to do...