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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Don't Buy Crack

Personally crack or freebased cocaine aint my thing, it is too short lived....but I know some people prefer it to powder for the quicker rush etc......I aint one to preach.

But this I will say, just to make people aware who dabble or have thought of dabbling in not buy street crack. Just because it is crystallised it does not mean it is 'cocaine in it's purest form' as is the promoted idea.

People sometimes wrongly assume that you cannot bash crack. People can and they do. The average quality of street crack where I live contains about 5 to 10% coke - the rest is mainly a substance called benzocaine, a cocaine derivative (has the aneasthetic affect without the stimulant high, often used by dentists etc). Although washing up cocaine does remove impurities, benzocaine will crystallise as well and can be gelled back together into the finished product, although it will not gel itself into the same lump as the coke will.......people do it by hand, gel it together and let it dry. Besides, some dealers will purposely add too much baking soda, fail to heat it properly so that some of the impurities remain along with the baking soda.

The best thing to do is to ensure you get some decent cocaine then wash it yourself, if you are not sure there are videos on youtube explaining how to do it. I am not promoting this form of use (freebasing)....personally I think it is destructive and more addictive than regular cocaine. But what I don't like to see is poor, sometimes desperate people (and crack cocaine does appear to be associated with a lower income bracket than powder) ripped off with something they believe to be pure cocaine but is in fact 90% benzocaine. You will get a hit off the benzo, mixed with the little coke the product contains can lead one to believe they are getting the real thing...when they are not. The thing is the average quality of the coke (and hence the crack) is so poor at present that people don't know any different.....the good stuff is there if you look, but look you must.

What gets to me is that when coke is introduced into poor areas, it is always in crack form, as they know it is more profitable as the affects are shorter lived, along with it being mostly benzo. It always seems to be the poor who suffer from scams...and I get sick of it.


  1. living in cambridge, there is plentiful cocaine and crack. as i use heroin and crack together, i just find it easier to buy crack. when i am ill, there isn't time to wash up cocaine and well, dealers give you these handy little deals. buy a white and a brown and you get a tenner off, for instance. or buy 3 brown get one free. that is how i got into it, in the beginning. not trying to paint some picture of me as an innocent little girl being plied with crack and forced into taking it, but it wouldn't of crossed my mind otherwise! cocaine here is too pricey and not that good either. the crack and the coke is rubbish, but taking heroin all the time, well... you need a little happy lift to make you feel better or it all gets too much! even a crappy little lift is better than none!

  2. See what you mean...that's why it makes me so cross...because what these people are doing is actually getting decent cocaine and deliberately washing it with benzo to make a profit...and they know that poorer people cannot afford to buy grams of decent coke and wash it all the time. Bashing has got more sophisticated....17 years ago when I did use crack I at least knew it was freebased cocaine, or at least mostly so.

    I remember when I was in London getting 3 bags of smack for the price of two...I never bothered with crack because I knew it wouldn't be worth it, had I the money I would've scored proper coke but I couldn't and nor did I have good contacts at the time....I just used the brown cos I was depressed. I am now but don't feel the need for heroin to make me forget...just want to stop caring about the shit that troubles me. Heroin alone makes me depressed...just need an upper really now.

    Wanna get out of this spiral...the only way I get enough money to obtain decent coke is via relatively well paid prostitution...could not support a habit otherwise. I don't hate what I do just want to do it less frequently and drugs less frequently, for enjoyment rather than crutch. If I was a drug dealer I would not rip people...found a nice one the other day and he was one in a million...It is rotten that the poor pay more for a quarter ounce of coke you can nearly double your profit as that makes ten grams ? Worse, not all of them are weighed grams. My own ex boyfriend who once claimed to love me has sold me half grams as grams and hoped I'd be too off my face to notice..