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Friday, 5 February 2010

Daily Whinge

Pisses me off cos no decent snow around right now...and it is not like it is cheap shit....the thing about it is that the stuff I have been getting is good compared to the other crap around right God knows what that is like....The thing is I had some the other day and I was pretty high, then I had a little more from the same people and it failed to do as I imagine their supplier had been bashing it.

My own guy had some too, and I did a whole gram and it did little, two probably would've done the job but I did not have the money for two...and if it is decent gear I get the effect from one that I would need two of lower quality produce to obtain. If I had not been so desperate to get wrecked I'd have waited til there was more decent shit about, proper stuff that will do the job.......

Meanwhile, I fucked things tonight. There were cops around outside I didn't want to get pulled, and the phone has been dead. I found out why.....because for some reason there is a bloody fault with my phone....I can receive texts and make outgoing calls just not receive them....have to be onto o2 first thing. Damn, had I known I would've kept the other no on my profile and I may have earnt something. I rarely earn nothing on a Friday night I am fucked. Penniless. I would've gone to a friends or let them come here but I waited on money which never came, I'm now short of food everything it fucking sucks. Tomorrow is another day....let's hope because someone else is being a pain, a git because he's got no money got shit but can't sell it partly due to there being no money around and partly due to the general quality of the gear at present. There may no longer be that drought but it takes time for quality to improve (and the quality of cocaine in this country is not the greatest at the best of time, at least not at street level). To get anything that is pure you would need an enormous wad of money, thousands of pounds to buy in bulk....and I don't have a wad of money like that, sadly I am not a millionare.

Artificial droughts and the high price of drugs is caused by prohibition and the stupid 'war on drugs' which creates scarcity. The scarcity of the product pushes the price up and decreases the quality, as peddlars cut or 'bash' the product to make it go further, for the sake of profit. Scarcity means people are willing to buy drugs which are of lower quality, as it is touch and go anyway. Even with the best will in the world, you buy say half or a quarter ounce. It may be partway decent, it may be mediocre. To ensure the product is of decent quality you are probably best spending 1200 pounds on an ounce....when I had the money I would have done that had I the contacts at the time, and passed on what I didn't need myself. I wish I still bloody had the money to stop fucking about like this and get a decent amount, then it won't be so bashed as it is....of course it won't be pure, the only way to get pure stuff would be to buy a kilogram of it....and that costs around 56k. But buying in ounces is a better way to ensure quality than buying in grams, which is all I can afford right now.

Crap gear is a aint so bad with smack because a bag cost ten pounds, not such a great loss....whereas a gram of coke is between £40 and £60. Sometimes you can get half gs for £20 to £30 but it isn't really enough. Therefore to buy crap gear is an expensive waste.......let's hope things improve soon. I have to earn tomorrow then maybe I can party tomorrow night...I'll repost my ad, give my apologies re the phone, and take it from there...something should give. I'll even get ready so I can take guys with short notice, I'm that desperate.........I'll do the street in the eve if I must, Saturday is normally good and so is Friday normally, but it didn't work thanks to the phone and the bloody pigs.....I'll have to keep positive. I'll tell you know who of my determination to earn, that means I can buy some shit and then he won't be so miserable....shame to be someone's punchbag when I'm the only one who pulls through for that bloody man though I naturally wonder why at times......Oh well. I'll keep my head high and my chin up. I have to for the sake of my health, sanity, wallet....and my damned nose!

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  1. You should live where I live...EVERYTHING is shit...that's why I don't spend any money on any of it because you never know what you're gonna get.