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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Courtney Love - Letter To God - Nobody's Daughter Demo

This sums up my feelings this morn....the last straw came when a so called 'friend' - yes, another snake',yet another, nicked my tablets, which I relied upon to come down and save my sniff for next weekend....which is my birthday. I may be sectioned by then as I can take no more....please pray for me, my friends........the rock chick, party girl, has turned into the wreck that has collaborated in her own destruction by people who hate themselves and must spread their misery.....
Indeed, I am so sorry I am so sorry I am so weak and turned into a freak....I was too much in bits to earn tonight due to the loss of my pills. My man said he'd come through with them......if he don't I shall get myself sectioned tomorrow. I never wanted to be the woman that you see...pray someone helps me by tomorrow. I've done something I aint done for ages...cut myself. I hope the bitch who nicked my pills feels the pain.....gets the karma. Fuck them all, and please, please, Jas, bring my pills back....and stop abusing made me depend on you now you no longer dare you tell me I should give up my punk image and dress myself, hair etc like a barbie doll cos I'd 'make more money'??? I am not greedy.....I am happy with what I earn. Fuck it, all I want now is my pills to calm me. I should've picked them up, I should never have left anyone alone in the room with them......pray it is sorted today...for my sake.

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