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Friday, 5 February 2010


Looks like it is my turn to give the awards some of my followers have been so kind as to do for me.

1. Infinite Sadness, or Fake Plastic Masochist, fellow sex worker and addict who is as honest and upfront about her lifestyle as I am about is good to find a kindred spirit like that, although our sexual preferences and choice of poisons are a little different it seems we have more in common than not. Thank you for writing so openly about a lifestyle like mine which so many people are quick to judge....I know she tires of all that as much as I do, people judging us who have never walked in our shoes.

2. Rachel Reprobate of In Smile Out Blood, for her beautiful poetry which cuts straight to the core, with her honesty about her inner life and all. Although we may leave different kind of lives and she may be more of an introvert than I, still I relate to a lot of what she writes about. A terrific writer and an honest one as that, it is not always easy for some people to be so open about their feelings, emotions etc as she is. Thank you, your blog has sometimes made me feel I am not alone with the 'void' syndrome and the way I often feel.

3. Mainlinging Eyeliner, one of my most recent followers........I've only just started following her blog but already I am hooked on her take on things....the way she writes on men is spot on, and I admire her for her frankness and honesty about her life etc.

4.Weekly Posts.....I like his style of writing and his take on things, the variety of topics he covers. He's only recently started blogging, but I hope he keeps it up. Intelligent man and a talented writer.

5. Dan of Incoherent Ramblings, who has a similiar take on a lot of things that I do....wrote a good post on war on drugs and on a mutual dislike we have...pretentious hippies, plus a good post on work and how economics invades every sphere, the way work and play is compartmentalised. Hope he continues to blog, I sure am a fan! Intelligent with a good philosophical take on things that is in many ways like my own, it's not that often I find someone with similiar views to myself. You keep on writing!

6. Dumb Baby, for his fine music and lyrics and his outsider prose and poetry that I can always relate to on some level, being an outsider/alternative lyricist myself and all.

7. Cold As intelligent journal from a fellow musician who shares a love of music and the same kind of books as me. He writes frankly and honestly about his life, ideas etc and that is what I prize above all - honesty and frankness.

8. Also Christopher, for his self deprecating humour on his blog and his wit on his journal on life and everything.

9. Goddess didn't build here for her interesting blog that is in journal form but has some interesting and intelligent comments on science and other things.

10. And of course I cannot forget Christina, of 'he then added his sister.....', her intro, 'I'm honest, I say what's on my mind, if you don't like it, you can fuck off'. My sentiments entirely, top marks for her attitude.

Thanks to all the others listed on my blogroll and who follow mine, I don't have time to mention every one but do know that I enjoy your blogs for similiar reasons as those of my friends listed above........


  1. Thank you so much, I feel very honoured! I had never thought anyone would have bothered to read my blog, or even care. So us finding each other means alot. You certainly deserve the award yourself. I had never thought I'd have found a blog like yours, where you speak so eloquently and honestly. I feel less alone. Well, you certainly have made me feel a lot better!
    x X x

  2. you flatter too much, its almost hard for me to believe, but thank you. For being down to earth you deserve an award too. Most people including myself would just shy away from mentioning names. thanks

  3. i'm not at my best today. if this is a shout out I totally misinterpreted, but still very down to earth

  4. OMG...nobody has ever said anything like that about me before, thank you soooo much. I am now more determined than ever to keep plugging away. Plus I will check out some of the award winners you have posted. In the words of Lux Interior of the Cramps, 'Youve got good taste...'. I hope you keep on writing as well buddy...

  5. thank you!!! I'm also already hooked on yours and Fake Plastic Masochist's writings...I wish I had the balls to dive deeper into the things I itch to write about as you guys do, but I'm always afraid! Hopefully, that will pass...oneluv!

  6. Thanks guys, it's always good to encourage each other to keep writing....thought I'd do this as a few of my readers gave me and others this award on their blogs x