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Sunday, 10 January 2010

Thoughts etc..........

There was a song shown me on youtube and it was a song about crack dealing by a misogynistic rapper. This man (who later died of Aids) spent a lot of his lyrics slagging off crack whores who suck mens dicks in return for a blast on a crack pipe. He attacked them for being disease spreaders and said 'don't go near them'.

Like the mf was not a carrier and likely a spreader of disease, right. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. His ghost need not taunt the likes of me, he can rot in hell.

Now, I have shagged men in return for drugs, but I am not so cheap. There are some young women out on the strip who do give guys head in exchange for one blast. Fuck that. As I might have said, there are men who've asked me for such favours in return for a line or two. Fuck that, either they pay me properly or not at all - nothing for less than a gram. I may be a coke whore but not so much of a cheap one, I maintain some level of pride.

As for disease spreading - let me tell you this. If somebody wants something it is no rubber = no fun. I will not put my health at risk like this, no matter what they offer. I don't even give strangers head with no rubber.

It is sad because there are young women who do not care, too fucked up to care anything about their health and that of others. They will offer sex unprotected, often for as little as an extra tenner - or even worse they just throw it in. Like disease has gone away or something. It is sick, sad, but true, they are that desperate. They are younger and cheaper than me, willing to do far more for less. Women like myself, who have had experience in this profession and some regard for our dignity, lose out. Cos how some guys see it (and a lot of guys are reckless, they have no fear of disease) - why pay a 36 year old (even if she looks young) double the price for something protected what he could get bare from somebody half my age? Some of these guys are twisted. They go looking for the cheapest girl on the strip, preferable if she is cold turkeying (crack addicts often have smack habits too, as a heavy stimulant like that requires a heavy downer for coming down with). This is an exploitative, horrible mentality. Not all men who pay for sex are like this but some are - and I don't want these types of customers. These guys are the real disease spreaders.

Doing what I do means I have to be aware of the risks and take necessary precautions for my own health. I probably am more aware than the average person because I have to be due to what I do.

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