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Thursday, 7 January 2010


Now, here is another thing I have not yet spoken about on here....but here goes.

I've already said that my man associates with some nasty guys, violent horrible types, dangerous men who you just don't want to fuck with, period. I value my life, and if anyone thinks law enforcement will be of any benefit they simply don't know what they are dealing with - they have no idea about this world. Example - one rich, middle class friend of mine thought her and another posh dude could overpower a knife wielding, 6ft 2" psychopath with criminal connections, a man who has spent half his life behind bars and is due soon for another jail term. Even from prison the word just has to be said - and this motherfucker could ensure someone comes to a premature, violent end. Or so he said - he may be blagging but I wouldn't bet. This man has been into gun running, all sorts of stuff and is a very violent, known dangerous criminal.

My partner befriended this man and gave him a job as a heavy - because just one word and somebody will pay their debt or else. My man values his life too, so the idea is that if anyone attempts or makes any attempt to hurt him - one word to this psycho is all that is needed. I understand - the debt and shit he is up to his neck in leads him to befriend men like this and keep them on side.

But he made a mistake - he believed this loon was not a woman beater. Fact is he doesn't care about your gender - fuck with him and you may be history, or at least badly injured.

I hate this man for the reason he is a bully who abuses women - and due to an experience last year with a nasty abusive relationship I have zero tolerance for that shit. My own relationship may be a tad fucked up but I don't put it in the category of abuse, just screwed up and a bit one sided - although I sometimes think he may care more than he lets on, being the type of man who doesn't let down his emotional guard easily, paranoid over people stitching or using him, and also distrusting women - having had experiences of them trying to get free C off him. I don't know if I delude myself at times as he can be mean but I'm diverting - back to the subject matter at hand. I want to talk about his psycho of a buddy.

I befriended the girlfriend of this sicko. He kicked her door in, punched her and his actions resulted in her eviction from her room. Her belongings are at mine because I put her up a few days over Christmas, and she still comes over. My boyfriend has told this mf to keep the hell away from me and he has. He says this dude is a loyal rottweiller - well, let's hope he doesn't turn. But if he does there are always other criminal connections who could deal with the matter - this is how entangled things are. I've done coke before, also worked in the sex industry. But my eyes have been opened to a new world, I've never in my life before hung with so many cokeheads nor been directly exposed like this to the trade and all it's fucking violence. Thank you, prohibition. Thank you State, cops, for turning people who are not violent nor of any threat to society into criminals. We'd not be in all this shit nor would my man associate with deranged psychotic criminals if we could obtain what we use from a chemist. We might still be addicts, true, but we'd be of no threat to anyone. We'd obtain some semblance of stability.

The psycho who is this loyal dog has big issues. He's been diagnosed with Attention Defiency Disorder since a child. He has various mental health issues. He is a cocaine addict with a 4 or 5 gram a day habit, and obtains the funds through various means (none of which, as you may guess, are legit). He is psychotic, mad, violent. If anything, he is better when he has coke than not as it seems to calm him down. I once felt sorry for this guy - but not now. He lost my sympathy after he come round here looking for his girlfriend (now ex), threatened to kick my door in, waved a knife at her, shoved her around in my bedroom and threatened both of us with death. Thank God he is out of her life and has left her alone, his grievance with me was for befriending her and taking her side - as I would do in any situation, I won't see a woman being abused physically and mentally. Now he should keep out of my life, whether my boyfriend wants to keep him on board or not (which I'd ideally prefer) is his choice, but he won't be round here again. If my boyfriend has any sense (which he sometimes does) he will not bring any more violent and dangerous men into my life. I never invited that sicko in, but one good thing that did result was making a new friend. He has had the sense to keep away the other gun running, violent, dangerous mfs who abuse women. The other mates he has may not be perfect but then they are damn cokeheads and so am I. And those men are saints compared with Mr Psycho.

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